2018 Goals Check-In


Here we are in June and if it hadn’t been for my email alert reminding me of my Goal challenges for 2018, I would have completely missed it. So first let me Thank Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl  for alerting me to this linkup party. You can look back by checking out this hashtag #2018PlanningParty linkup  to see what all the different goals were from all the people participating in this.

Where do I begin………..hmmm. I have my list here and I can say with absolute conviction that I have not made a dent on my goals. However, I am not daunted by that, it just means I have more to look forward to in the next half of the year. Right!!

2018 Goal overview

1)Build up Website

2)Finish the quilts that precede and includes 2017

3)Do more Blogging

4)Enjoy the world around me


What I can say is that I have defiantly worked on goals 3 and 4, and goal 1 has taken a different turn altogether. Goal 2 has completely been put on the back burner up to this point.

If you are a subscriber or close friend then you already know why so many goals have not been met. This year has been full of life and the things that make life important. I would not change any of it. If I could, I would have changed my Goals for 2018 to something like this:

2018 Goals

*Faith, Family and Friends

*Focus on my health

*Continue to build a Adult relationship with my children, I cherish watching them grow and become the Men I knew that they could be.

*Prioritize, what is really important and what isn’t

*Do more Blogging, keep it real

*Enjoy the world around me, (I had this one right!)

*clean, inside and out, would love to plant more trees, bushes, and flowers

*finish those UFO’s as needed

So much would have been different.

I still would have closed my Business in just the same way I did. I still would take on those odd jobs that come my way (after all I still need a income). I am always approachable, so if you need to contact me just use my Envelope icon at the bottom, I am really quick to respond. I am still blogging and being more consistent! I am still keeping my obligations and promises, even while being a bit slow.

Time has not been my own this entire year. I have learned to roll with change and adversity. I am really looking forward to doing this again at the next linkup party. I really think I can knock a few more things off my list. I am truly amazed at myself and what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. So here is to the next 6 months and to what we can do!! I am looking forward to seeing what you all have been doing and accomplishing.

Until next time……………….Putting my best foot forward!

5 Replies to “2018 Goals Check-In”

  1. I think that reframing your goals the way you did based on how your first half of 2018 went for the second half of the year is very wise. I hope that you continue to find a lot of joy making your path forward!


    1. Thank You Yvonne! It sure has been a whirlwind of a year! Seeing things in a timeline like this challenge has been eye opening. I am here to ride it out, to see where this life adventure takes me. Because I truly believe better things are going to happen for myself and my family! I have enjoyed reading your Blog and following along with your goals for the year! Keep Creating!!


  2. Life does happen! Goals are just goals, and when circumstances change, the goals can change too. Wishing you well in the coming months as it sounds like some challenges have come your way this year.


  3. Well it looks like you have managed the first half of the year with a lot of Grace and Flexibility. You know what is important . I like your new set of goals. You know what is important in life.


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