Some Announcements……

Good Day to you all! I couldn’t help but share with you a photo this Bumble Bee so busy at work. My Lilac bush bloomed so full this year. It was quite the hub of activity for about two weeks. It was always so full of bees and other nectar loving insects. They are really hard to capture. I tried!! 😃 😄

With Spring in full swing it has really brought to my attention how fast this year has really been moving. I know that you have heard me say this quite a bit lately, but I guess it is finally hitting me. That saying that every adult says to a child…….”Enjoy the day it will go by faster as you get older.” (loosely quoted….) but I am sure you all understand my point. Up till now time has seemed to be slow, long and I have all the time in the world. Maybe it is all the personal events that have happened this year in my family or maybe it is seeing my oldest son turn 30 but time definitely is speeding up. I have so much to do and my energy level is not keeping up. So I have decided to make some major changes (as some of you may already know).

The biggest change is that I am walking away from being self-employed, I am closing my Business and returning my focus to creativity. I will still take on those odd jobs and services. You can always reach out to me and ask, you just never know I might have an opening in my schedule.  I will just be taking the professional pressure off myself. I love what I do and want to continue to love it.

I have already taken my products off my webstore. It is now going to be a Amazon Affiliate Store.  (If and when I have handmade items for sale, I will sell on IG.) You will be helping me still make a much needed income just by clicking on the links ….at no additional cost to you. Of course this only works for those of you in the USA and only if you are actually shopping on Amazon. I will only put up products that I actually use and love! For those of you who are outside the USA and would like to support my creations and blog there is the “Support my Work” icon on the right hand side of the shop page. I am working on putting new stock on my Etsy Store as an additional income resource. I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. So you will have to keep a ear to the ground for when I make that announcement.

Another big change is that I will be pulling back from IG for some very personal reasons. I just do not have the time that it takes to stay on my phone all day. As some of you have seen, I have pulled myself out of many swaps, Quilt Alongs and Sew Alongs. I just cannot at this time keep up the standard that I set for myself and to be able to follow the rules. I will always respond to you through my contact page or emails. I find that it is, at this time much easier to sit down at the computer before going to bed. I will of course still share as much as I can on Social Media. I am reminded that with changes comes NEW and BETTER opportunities!

I have also decided to get back to my roots, those things that just make us smile and laugh. I need to recenter and renew myself…..often! So I hope to be sharing some of that here soon as well. I really am a very diverse person and I feel like I have gotten stuck. So this is the month to pick myself up off the ground and shake myself off. Embrace all that has changed for my family and go forward. I sincerely hope that you will subscribe and follow along. I am hoping that these changes will allow me more time to blog and do those things that I am able to!

Until next time……………..take time to breath and wonder!

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