Color and You

Just Do IT!


Today I would like to talk a little bit about Color! I know that for some of you that is a very scary concept. For me it is like opening the door and letting me run! 🙂 I have always loved color and all the things that I can do with it. I, however, have had many a friend who could not grapple with it. My approach really intimates them. So I am here to just say a few things…..

1) recognize and except that color means different things to different people. That is a very good thing. Could you imagine the Arts: in any media; if we all thought the same thing. How boring….. I love that we all are so very different in this and if you think about it, it is liberating! If you are a person with whom has trouble with color or lacks the confidence in your choices; I am here to say there are no bad combinations!! Yes, there are colors that compliment each other better & that comes with practice.The most important thing is to embrace your style and your creations!! Being unique is where it is at!!

2) Look out in nature: color is everywhere! Even in places that at first glance you did not see it. In nature, you will see every possible color combination there is. So take a few nature walks and just observe; or in your daily routine, start to look for color where you thought there was none. Keep a journal, take pictures: anything that you can bring back to your creative space that will help you the next time you are struggling with color choices. Now remember, I am just a fellow color enthusiast not a know it all or do it my way kind of person. I am here to just say, “JUST DO IT”! Start grabbing colors and putting them together and see what happens. It is a journey! YOU are in control of that journey! It is up to you to have fun with it, grow in your choices, change and expand; so that one day you may share your creations with others.

3) Get to know your color wheel! Now I am only saying this as a guild, as you are learning what you like and what pleases you. The color wheel will help you see how it all plays together.  A friend of mine and I were in a Color Theory class where we made our own fabric color wheel.

DSCN3787As you can see we did very different things. The whole class did! It was great to see that it was okay to be different! The basics were there and that is really all that matters. I do believe that if you have a opportunity though a Color Theory class ( of any kind) is helpful. It does not have to be through your Local Quilt Store in fact, I would actually suggest to audit a Art class at the local college. It will be a true class on color, hues, tints, shades, and value. Then you can take that information and apply it to your project, no matter what your art medium is.

4) Just be yourself! I guess what I am saying here is – it is your creation! Your thoughts, inspirations, hard work, love, sweat and tears all went into your creation: should it not then reflect the artist who made it. Do not be a copycat ….just be true to your art! It will always be reflected in your artwork.

Until next time………..look high and low for the unexpected surprise of COLOR!

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