99 Cent Sale! Thrift Store Finds………

 It is getting colder out and this was a wonderful find.

Every once in a while I like to just go on an adventure. I love Thrift Stores of all kinds! No matter which town I am in or visiting, I always try and hunt out at least one Thrift Store. This time I visited the UGM Thrift Store and to my surprise there was a 99 cent sale going on. Blue was all of a sudden my favorite color!!! With Red being my next favorite color at 50% off. I was very happy with how clean the store was. This was my first time here and it had a HUGE selection of items; including sizes. I have gone to other stores and they have had a great selection but only in a few sizes. I have had to leave with nothing. But here I spent time going up and down the isles losing track of time because I had quite a bit of luck find items I needed. Here are just some of the items I found………….

 love a good man's sweater! I like them a bit loose. The Dress is for next Summer at 99 cents I just could not pass it up. Plus I can always wear it with a long sleeve shirt during the colder months.

A 60's inspired shirt and a very nice Thermal Shirt. With the colder weather coming I will need this. I love to layer up. Here is a maxi skirt and let me tell you, it really is that comfortable. I kept hearing about these and had to get one to see what the hype was all about. I get it now!! A Jumper Dress...cannot have enough in my closet. I like to layer these with long sleeves underneth.I also, found a top and bottom (not matching) thermal underwear, two plain t-shirts, and a pair of walking pants. I immediately came home and washed everything; I wore the Jumper today. It was a bit chilly out and it was just prefect.

I was able to get a couple of electronic items as well. I was very happy that they both worked when I plugged them in. I try and donate items before I buy items. I am not in any way a clothing aficionado. But I do believe in passing things on that I do not need any more. I find that I have so much  more fun trying to find a item for this or that. How can you argue  with paying $10 and getting 9 items of clothing. It seems to me like that is just smart thinking. I hope that if you haven’t gone before just give it a chance…..take your time and let the hunt begin!! Until next time………..enjoy the hidden treasures that are out there!!

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  1. Such great finds! If only I had the same luck.. lol You should do a “haul” Video.. Do you have a youtube?

    Au revoir et merci


    1. Not yet! But it is in the planning stage. I will send out a email to all my subscribers………so you will not miss it! 🙂


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