A Fun Little Class……..Just because

Gifts - close up

I have been taking this class as long as it has been offered. It costs me only $5 to sign up. The rules are if you come back to the next class with your block complete; then the next class is free and so on. However, if you are unable to attend and do not pass your block off to another classmate to bring; then there is a penalty of $5. So you may end up with 12 blocks for $5 or upwards of $60. It is a lot of fun! Back in the beginning days. It use to be that you chose between themes and your pattern came with that themed fabric. Now a days you have to use your own fabrics either from a stash or brand new. I received the lovely goodies pictured above as a gift and am going to use those in the next class but until then I thought it would be fun to show you what I have done so far in this class. This class will go until October of 2015. I will be updating as I add new blocks.

I have chosen to do two different colorways or themes both are out of my stash and include lots of scraps. I am doing a Christmas/Winter theme and a colorway of Red/Black/Green/Beige with some variety thrown in…..just to spice it up. Until the next time……..Be creative and use those scraps. You never know what Gems lay in waiting.

Block 1 $5 Oct 2014 Block 2 $5 Nov. 2014 Block 3 $5 Dec. 2014 (1) Bonus Block Dec. 2014






Block 4 $5 Jan. 2015Block 5 $5 Feb. 2015 Block 6 $5 March 2015Bonus Block March 2015

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