A Huge “Thank You!” goes out to YOU!

I want to reach out to all those who have opened their hearts


It warms my heart that so many of you have reached out: adding us to your prayer chains, sending well wishes.

It has been so very difficult for me not being able to be by his side during this very difficult time. I can hear it in his voice; how very real the pain and suffering is. How he tries to hide it ….. He has had a few harsh weeks of back to back appointments up to now. Some of these are his PT appointments which he has twice a week; while other appointments have been in search of more injuries. With the swelling going down and his road rash healing they are looking at injuries that may not have shown up initially. I am praying for the results to be all Good News, while being mindful of the possibilities.

 I can’t imagine the calamity he goes through each and every time he has to get in and out of transportation. Not being able to clean house, cook meals, do laundry or the simplest of things – like lift a glass of water are plights he faces daily. Think about all the things we do – that we take for granted: these are the things he still cannot do.

There is some good news!

  He has always done well in adversity but it is far more difficult when it is you yourself that needs the help. I am very proud of him and of his wife, as she has to leave him each day she goes to work, that would be so difficult to do. I do know that he has been able get up every morning and face the day with inner strength and courage. WIN -WIN

The vehicle insurance has paid off and they have been able to pay the down payment for his PT, replace his vehicle and buy a great used car. Being able to have his wife drive him to appointments really will lower some of the stress that taking a Uber was causing.  I know that this is just a small win in a long line of needs. But it is progress forward. WIN-WIN

His road rash has started to heal really well and in some spots is completely healed. The bruising will take a much longer time. Because of all the deep bruising, he was having to give himself injections to prevent blood clots. I believe at this time he is out of that danger and has concluded the two weeks that he was to be doing those. So that is another WIN -WIN

Something that I find even more important is that he is still upbeat and even Happy at moments. So to me this is a huge WIN – WIN!!

So Thank You! Thank You for being here for my family in a way that has touched my heart. Thank you for keeping all of us in your prayers still. It is a long road of healing ahead with good days and bad days. Thank You for spreading the word where ever, whenever and however you can! And Thank You for being YOU! 

Until Next Time………………………Sending out Happy Thoughts!

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  1. I love you!


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