A New Beginning

 Here we are going into March already! I just cannot believe how fast this year is going by. One of my goals for this year was to be more organized and to have better control of my time management. I have found that working from home and having no outside influences on my schedule, sometimes; time gets away from me. I have no real issue with this (I tend to burn the midnight oil) other then when I need to make appointments or meet clients. I am then thrown into a tail spin with the seemliness chaos of my time.

I have been looking for a complementary system to go with my Quilter’s Planner. While this is the second year of using this planner, I find myself still struggling with it doing everything that I want it to do. It is a wonderful planner however I find that there is no space for a journal. Something I am missing. So I think I will go towards a Bullet Journal system. Where I can create the exact spaces that I need.  I am looking forward to gathering my new supplies beginning with this subscription box from Boho Berry!

I have always been a planner kind of person. Usually using the Daily Runner system, where I add the pages I need and not fill it up with pages I do not need. I still have my binder from 2002. I love that system especially if I am working in a fast paced environment with lots of meetings and projects. But after having left the Library, I found that I wasn’t using it in the same way. It really just kinda ended up being a address book. Not efficient at all. I wanted something that met my new needs. I just ended up making lists and drawing lines through the finished tasks. I have several years of notebooks… I felt like I was back in school. LOL….shaking my head.

I was gifted my first real planner last year and loved it. Though I did not use it the way I really wanted to. So the search began. I landed on the most informative website for Bullet Journals. Only later did I realize that this was in fact Ryder Carroll who put the system in place that is used worldwide today……..

I have really enjoyed watching Kara of Boho Berry‘s YouTube channel and getting familiar with the different parts that make up a Bullet Journal. I was instantly drawn to the creative aspect of it. That I had full control of how I set it up, what I tracked, how I used that information, and the fun doodling I could add. I swear I was born with a crayon in my hand but so very few have ever really seen that aspect of my creativity. Here is a system that I could really embrace.

Which has lead me to putting my name on the waiting list for her subscription box. I did miss out on the beginning months but my first box was just in time for my birthday month….. I am super excited about getting my fountain pen, markers, and coloring pencils. Oh and I cannot forget the journal. I haven’t decided on a notebook style or inserts ( like a Traveling Notebook). Is there anyone else that uses this type of system? Do you have any suggestions? I would love to know what works for you and what you would change.

I think I will be making myself a “A Place For Everything” www.ByAnnie.com to hold all my goodies together.

Until next time…………waiting for Happy mail!


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