Raw Diamonds Block February’s Block of the Month

I cannot believe that it is already almost the middle of February. I know that I have been busy but where has the time gone?  I was so happy to see this months block of the month in the mail Thursday. I really enjoy sharing this tutorial with you. I will be doing three different blocks again…….

1)2018 February’s Block is #1584 Raw Diamonds; if you would like to know more, I cover that in this post.

2)A older 2009 BOM in Red and White Fabrics and

3)A 2008 Thangles Buck a Block series #5

I am so very happy that I am picking up the older UFO’s to finish while participating in this years Quilts and Things  Block of the Month. I did find two more older BOM’s and I had a good laugh. I just told myself they will have to wait until next year. 🙂 I had no idea that I had so many left to do. Can you tell I like Sampler Quilts. I just love adding new blocks to my collection, as so many of us do. 🙂 With that let’s start!! First up, because it is just so simple; is the Red and White Block:

This BOM included the fabrics and the pieces were already cut to size, no trimming. 🙂 I am glad that the fabrics were dead on because red is so hard to match: I was a bit worried that they may have been cut short.  I love this simple block, all I had to do was sew the fabrics in a round with a partial seam with the first block.:) I have a plan for a embroidery motif for the center. Love these Reds!! I do not know why I have never done a Red and White quilt before this; they are gorgeous.

Next up is this years BOM. It is always a surprise to me which block they have chosen. This is because I am participating remotely with my friend Lori; even though she gives me a sneak. 🙂 there are so many blocks that they could choose from.  So while waiting for the next month, I am looking over the magazine: hoping for this block or that block.

This month’s block includes four different fabrics. I suggest reading the directions and then rereading them. I wish I had. 🙂 I did make a cutting error: so the ‘B’ fabric has been replaced from my stash.

*note: I do not like to cut _ 7/8″ pieces. So when I can, I round up to the nearest whole number. You cannot always do this in every block however, with this block it was okay. Which I did do in fabric ‘B’ and fabric ‘C’.

Here are the pieces cut and labeled. Fabric ‘A’ is two different colors. In my case it is the blue and the light green. They are cut to the same size ( refer to the mag. for the exact size ). Do not cut any of the ‘A’ fabric squares. I pressed the lighter ‘A’ fabric in half. Or you can mark the four squares on the wrong side from corner to corner: this will be your sew line. Use your preferred method and then set aside.

The above photo shows you how your block pieces should be laid out. You will make four blocks that are exactly the same. Below is how I chained pieced my pieces.

As you can see from the top photo, this is how I laid out my fabrics when sewing my triangles on to the square. The important part is to start your seam from the flat edge; so your feed dogs do not chew up your triangle point. (If you use leaders and enders; this isn’t as important.) I found sewing the bottom triangle on first, made it easier for pressing and then I sewed on the top triangle piece. As you can see, I left my dog ears on and this just gave me a bit more fabric to bite onto when I sew my next seam.  *If you gave yourself that little extra it will show here. Giving you a nice bit of wiggle room to trim your block nicely.

Next we will sew the background triangle to our pieced corner. I realize the photo I took shows the background on top and I would think it would be nicer to have it on the bottom so that you can watch your quarter inch seam. You will have that little extra wiggle room with the dogears to get a nice point on the corner square.

Press. Then trim using the line on your ruler as seen in the photo. If you gave yourself wiggle room (see note above) ; you will have enough to trim up nicely to 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″. Trim two sides, then flip around and trim the other two sides. Making sure you line your ruler again on the center of the block.

Take fabric ‘A’ that you have pressed in half and place of your background corner.  You will be sewing on that crease, actually a threads width to the inside of the crease. This will press nicely when you flip it. If you want an extra HST – you can sew a second seam a half inch from the first seam towards the outside. Trim a quarter of a inch from the center seam and press open. You will have a extra HST or bits to throw out. 🙂

Here are your four exact blocks arranged in the proper layout. This is a fantastic block. I found it was very easy to piece.

Here it is finished but not trimmed yet. I had only those little bits of fabric left over from the fabrics that were included in the block kit. So be careful when you are cutting. If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I will happily help you out. 🙂 I will be doing more of these in the future for sure. As a bonus I made a See Through Pouch to hold my scraps and patterns.

My last BOM is this beautiful Batik block.


I am so excited to have these done. I really am very happy with how they are looking. I will be having another blog on Thangles and how to use them. So look for that soon. I also just realized that my Batik blocks are just the centers of bigger blocks. I might have to rethink what I have been doing. If you would like to see how those blocks will be completed in a blog post of it own let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to do so. 🙂


Until next time……….Happy Heart!! Silly Smiles!!

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