Star Garden Block

How many you of you have ever participated in a BOM (block of the month)? Usually through your local quilt store and sometimes even through the mail. I have chosen to join in the fun with my friend Lori and her local quilt store Quilts and Things . I loved the blocks she has shared in the past and jumped at the opportunity to play along this year. I have chosen the Traditional theme. Which to me reads as Civil War Fabrics.

I have in the past; enjoyed these kinds of classes and I am going to use this opportunity to finish two BOM that I have held onto for far too long. I have one from 2009; it is a Red & White themed and the other is from 2008: in Batiks. Actually, I have the whole kit for the Batiks. It will be my very first all batik quilt, so I am quite excited to work on it.

I love seeing how different shops package and run their BOM’s. This years BOM is taking their blocks out of the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Winter edition Vol. 16 and includes the fabric for each block. I sat for a couple of hours just looking at all the blocks in the magazine and I was filled with inspiration. I have seen this magazine in the past but never had thought to buy one. I am now wishing I had. I know that I will be buying it in the future, there is so many great blocks. I wonder which they will pick for the BOM. It would be so hard for me to just pick 12. 🙂

I will be sharing how I make each block as I receive it. I will not be giving specifics since this is a paid class. If you have the magazine our first block is #1582 Star Garden. The fabrics are so warm in their colors. Just screams comfy quilt! (and I haven’t even started:) )

I first cut out my squares and rails that are needed for the block.

I then prepare my squares to make the needed HST (half square triangles). With right sides together, I draw a line diagonal from corner to corner.  Sewing a quarter of an inch from the line on both sides; then cutting apart on the center line and pressing to the dark.

You will do this to all needed HST; there are to sizes in this block. The inside HST will be trimmed to 2″; I used my Bloc-Loc ruler to do all my trimming. I could not find any trimming instructions in the Magazine. I had to do math…lol:) . Next we need to make the flying geese. The magazine has instructions on fast flying geese method.

Above, I am drawing my center line that I will sew a quarter inch on either side of: then cut and press. I trimmed all four of my flying geese to 2″ X 3 1/2″ (again I saw no trimming instructions in the magazine). I might be missing them. I am new to the way these directions are given.

I laid out all the pieces so that I could see my path for putting it together. Next, sewing the center pieces together and attaching a rail block to each side. Followed by making the top and bottom rows: where it is HST + Rail + HST . After which, I attached the top row to the center row followed by adding the bottom row to finish it all off.

Here are my other BOM!

This Block is called ‘Ginger Square’ and is part of the “Tea Time” Block-Of-The-Month program. The kit was free with a $15 purchase and you were able to choose between a couple of different color ways. I made sure I went shopping monthly so that I could get all the blocks. If you just wanted a kit it was available for a small price. They do not offer these kinds of programs now. I always loved them and miss them today.

The Batik BOM is a Thangles Buck A Block program. The store that I originally purchased the kit from is now out of Business. However, I was still able to purchase the needed Thangles from Amazon. The quilt stores in my area carry some of the sizes. So if you asked at your LQS they may have some. If you have never heard of Thangles please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to demonstrate how to use them . I love using them when I have a ton of HST to make. I know that there are several similar types of products that will do the same thing. So just use your favorite. 🙂

I am hoping that this will help me work on a few of my UFO’s and when it is all said and done I will have three quilts done not just one. I have gone through my sewing space and all I have left now are Shop Hop Blocks. I have several years collected up. I will be very happy to finish these. I will worry about Shop Hop Blocks in 2019.

Until next time………….Here is to a productive month.

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