A Oasis in the desert……

Cole's Fine Foods

I was at my oasis in the desert ….Cole’s just this past week and found out that she may not be here in 6 months. I was deeply sadden by this news.  She has had a successful Kick Starter and now she is expanding; hoping that it will bring in more good folks. I said that I would put in a good word. It really is a very good establishment. I have just loved everything I have had. I admittedly go in for the desserts, but have often had their sandwiches, as well.

I look forward to their GRAND OPENING on March 7th. At which time they will start serving in a expanded sit down area; providing everything from breakfast to dinner. They will be open at 7 am and close at 7pm most nights, weekends until 9pm. I am so excited for Jennie and for anyone who stops in. The staff is friendly and always has a smile on. I love the fact that it is a family ran establishment. I have almost met everyone…:).

So if you ever find yourself in Spokane, Washington; you should do yourself a favor and give this quaint restaurant a try. I promise you will find something you will love. I will leave you with these pictures….

items you can take home and make yourself Store owner The Frozen foods.Yummy Pizza and entrees Gluten Free Breads Yummy Desserts, they have such a great varietyy Yummy Desserts  My favorite is the Cream Puffs on the top shelf. Gluten Free Cream Puffs Oh the Gluten Free Lemon Bars are a close second to the Cream Puffs.  Angle Cake and Cookies. Gluten free Brownies and Cookies... yummie

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