A warm afternoon……

2015 Fire Scars

Today was just beautiful. I could not resist the opportunity to just get out of the house. We decided to go around in our area and look at all the fire scars. It was devastating. To see just how much was gone. I stopped to take the above picture and just took the moment to Thank the Lord that there was so very little lose of life. It is hard to think just how beautiful it will be next Spring with the new growth.  People think that there is no beauty or life in a desert. I am here to say……stop and look around. You are missing so much just buzzing by in a vehicle.

I love the picture I took above because it is an example of prospective. Finding Beauty where others just see charred ground. I often think that as humans we need to look pass the dark negative first impressions and look for the wealth that is just below the surface.

Until next time…………… Stop and rest and embrace!!

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