About Me


I find myself in a unique position of being able to start a new adventure from home. After a very recent health crisis that had me leaving my position as Branch Librarian, in my community: I began to wonder what could I do, how can I make up for lost income and bring income home still. I still have to pay the bills.

Play to my strengths – I say! So I began this journey of blogging; I started Flannel Ladybug in 2015.

I am very diverse in what I like and do. Very shy by nature, well maybe reserved would be putting it better: I want to shine here. I am hoping to create a environment where I can share what I am doing, where I am going and what I am creating. Where you the follower, can easily join me….. in one journey or all of them.

I am a parent that always said “You can do anything you set your mind to!” and I am going to put those words in action here for myself. I may stumble and fall but I will have learned something along the way.  I am hoping to share with you a few of those lessons, ideas, projects, and UFO lists: here at Flannel Ladybug. I enjoy creating my own designs, pattern testing and scrap collecting…. I often think outside the box and I have fun!

I am happy to help put a quilt into your home. I will be posting my over flow of Quilts, totes, bags, and any other items that I make, here on my Shop page along with some of my favorite tools, books, and fabrics. I hope to expand into a online store someday in the future. I am hoping to make an income from home so; I do use affiliate links and would love to have some sponsorship. Thank You in advance for all your support.

I will be opening a Etsy store and I might even try Patreon. You will be able to find me on all platforms as Flannelladybug!  I am very approachable so please just contact me. I treat each customer as uniquely as the project I am creating. I look forward to working with you.

I hope that you join in and have fun.

Lets go puddle jumping!:)

Ocean Shores 5 Mile Walk

5 mile walk to the North Jetty from Ocean Shores along the beach!