Another Happy Customer!

Happy Sunday!

I am not sure if any of you know that I will do commissioned hand sewn bindings. I love being able to finish off a quilt with a beautiful binding.

I am super excited because I have just finished up four customer binding jobs and wanted to share their beautiful quilts with you: and Yes, I have their permission. I would never post a photo without that! They were surprised to hear that I haven’t put this service up on my website yet: so that more individuals could find me. It might be happening sooner rather then later. 🙂 I have always just relied on word of mouth to spread the word. Times are changing and I must be able to be flexible….lol.

So without further ado; I present their Beautiful quilts (on the left) and a close up of my binding work (on the right).

So what type of threads do I use?

There are so many different types out there. I trust that the customer knows how their quilt will be used; if it is going to be gifted or donated, hung on the wall or used daily. In most cases the customer has included their preferred thread choice. There have been times where I will use mine. Each situation is different and we discuss this when I except a commission.

I personally in the past used Silk thread by YLI however I found that even after using a double strand it would break with heavy use.  My personal quilts see lots of wear and tear…….with the grand kids dragging them around, building forts and having picnics…….. with every washing I would see more and more thread breaks on the binding. So I starting asking my customers what they liked. I found that the heavier hand quilting thread held up way better for my quilts.  Each situation is different.

There is nothing better then sitting under a quilt hand finishing a binding. It is like putting a frame on a piece of art work. Now I realized early on that not everyone enjoys binding work as much as I do. These were the quilters that are very happy to have me finish their quilts. Bonus when they find out I only do hand finishing. I have never been a fan of machine finishing a binding. For all my own personal reasons none of which are about function. I even hand finish my bindings on mug rugs. I know call me crazy!:) But seriously, there are lots of reasons why you might have a outside source finish your binding………time, skill, confidence, maybe your physically unable to do any hand sewing, or you just do not like to do it. In any case, I would be very happy to take on some new commissions. I am super quick! Within 24 hours of receiving your quilt, I will have it back in the mail to you. I would love to help you finish those quilts that you have so beautifully put together. They are waiting to receive their finishing touches. 🙂

Until next time………………..make each stitch count.

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