April’s One Monthly Goal

Once again I’m linking up to Elm Street Quilts for the monthly – One Monthly Goal – challenge. I have been doing really well up to this point and couldn’t be happier.👏😄 So as I was going through my UFO list, trying to pick a winner, my eyes kept traveling back to my piles on top of my cutting table. I often have a assembling line going and once the project hits my table I just know that it is almost complete. But sometimes I tend to want to jump on a brand new project ….”Telling myself it is just a quick interruption. I can get it done today.” So I set aside my long ago UFO to the back of the table top….not quite forgotten. In thinking about this months goal, I think that I will tackle these projects. The photos above show just a few of these projects. Test blocks that would make great mug rugs or maybe make a few more and make a Mini wall hanging…..hexies that need to be made into a pouch…….a coffee table runner, that has been cut out for a very long time……..so many half finished quick projects. LOLOL🤣 🤣

I am going to be easy on myself, I am not going to say that I will or can finish them all but what my goal is ….IS to revisit, re-access, and re-prioritize what is on top of my cutting table. To clear my table and my design walls….and in that process to finish as many of these small projects as possible. So many of them have a place to go as soon as they are done. I sit here and shake my head at myself, having a great laugh at myself. I know that I am not alone in these little piles. I was once the kind of seamstress/quilter that never had more then three projects on my plate. I really mean that….from start to finish I always completed my projects quickly. I know when and why it changed but I am going to take this monthly challenge to reboot myself and regain that control over my space. For me that is very relaxing knowing that there was nothing but the project in front of me!!! I miss that. Here is to the long term goal. 🎉🎉

I hope at the end of the month I have a wonderful array of finishes to share with you all.😊😊

Until next time…………………………Take a deep breath and enjoy the the journeying.






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  1. This is a great goal. I always have a ton of projects on the go as well. The quilt alongs make it a little more difficult as you often have to wait for instructions . I share my sewing room with a lot of stuff from my guild so it is always in a mess. I’m looking forward to eventually passing some of that on.


    1. Lisa Hello!
      I can completely agree with you about the Sew Along’s. It is a bitter sweet thing. I look forward to them but it is always in a state of non completion. I have made block keeper’s that do help me stay organized. I have a post on these in my earlier days of blogging The title is called ‘Block Keepers”. You should check it out they are super easy to make.
      I hope that your Guild helps take back some of their clutter, I would have a hard time keeping it all straight. Here is to both of us getting just a few steps closer to our goals.


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