August’s One Monthly Goal

Where has this year gone. Well, I have a long and short answer to this but I mean August! Already!! I can hardly believe it. I am feeling the call of Winter telling me to hurry and get ready. I am an ANT not a Grasshopper! …… you can read this Aesop’s Fable HERE.

Time for the Elm Street Quilts OMG. I have been thinking about this for sometime. I have so much sewing to do, so many UFO’s or WIP’s that need to be addressed. I also have been giving my pile of floppy tops a good long thought….so many need to be quilted.

I think I am going to continue to play it safe and pick a project that is more on the easy side to accomplish. With the outside chores taking up most of my time, I think a bit of hand sewing in the evenings will be something that I can manage. I have many hexies that need to be made. I have a few side swaps to build my 1″ hexies in browns, blacks, and greys. I have also signed on to do a pattern testing project using 1/2″ hexies. I also, would love to participate in my hexie swap group for the month of September, which means I need my red hexies ready to mail before then. I will need to post them in a couple of weeks if I want in.

Wow! That is overwhelming when I write it out……lol!

I think this is doable, what do you think? I can start small and work up from there. Any progress will be momentum forward!

Until next………………Peace to you all!!

4 Replies to “August’s One Monthly Goal”

  1. Happy hexies! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!


    1. Thank You Patty! I love making happy hexies……such a quick thing to do really. I hand baste mine and I find it very relaxing!


  2. Any progress is good. I’m still plugging away at my July goal. Just setting it as the goal helped me to get a lot of it done.


    1. Lisa I agree with you that just the act of setting a goal helps keep me on task. I love making even just a little bit of progress. I love your August goal. Such a beautiful top!


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