Block Keepers

Block Keepers

These cute little gems are called Block Keepers. I love, love, love them!!! I use them for my classes, I use them for Shop Hop Blocks, and for any spare blocks that just do not have a home ( like those practice blocks some of us make)…… just keeps everything so contained and you get to use those UFO blocks when you make them. So it is a win win in my book. I have made several as gifts to my quilting friends and to the beginner quilter it is very helpful.

You can make these to hold any size blocks. The ones in the photo are from 20″ keeper to a 10″ keeper. The big 20″ blue keeper is holding my Curve It Up blocks. For those of you who have been following; you know those blocks measure at 16 1/2″ x 16 1/2 “. The pretty pink one is holding my $5 class blocks and those blocks measure at 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2 ” (that is if my 1/4″ is spot on 🙂 ). The two with flying geese are holding Shop Hop blocks that measure at 8 1/2 ” x  8 1/2 “. So as you can see I have several blocks made at a time. I love going on different Shop Hops……….it pushes me to do blocks I normally would not be drawn to. I also use these blocks as the go to blocks to make something really fast for that unexpected Baby quilt, gift, or raffle . They have saved me quite a few times in a pinch.

For those of you who are wondering What is a Shop Hop? It is a opportunity to visit different Quilt Shops in a given geographic area. There is usually always one going on somewhere and it is just so much fun. Load up the car with your quilting friends or a reluctant husband; pick a location that you have always wanted to go to and see when their Shop Hop is being hosted and GO!! The best part of it all is the conversations that take place in the car ride. I usually have my husband and youngest adult son when I go: we have the best conversations……it seems like that is the only time we can catch up with each other in our busy lives. Plus we just love the whole experience of the road trip: the picnics, nature, the wildlife we see, and picking new ways to get to some familiar places.

I will put my directions for the Block Keeper here so if you would like to make one or a few you can! Until next time ………..Look for the buttercups of life!


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