Block of the Month Update

This year has been full of so many situations out of my control, that I have gotten behind on a lot of things. My Blocks of the Month for example, have been pieced but I just never really found the time to post or share my tutorials and pictures. I feel like I have let you down, especially those who follow along with this particular project. I know that I have let myself down. It was never my intention to start these and just not go anywhere with it. With May’s block just around the corner, I needed to get these out here. So instead of my normal tutorial, I am just going to do another block Show N Tell. I really love how they have turned out. The first block is a BOM that I am doing with a friend and has been so much fun. The other two have been BOM’s in my stash for far too long. I just found two more in my efforts of cleaning. I may just jump in with them this month. I do not think they are too hard and I love the fabrics. (teaser you may have to check back to see what I have actually done😉)

This is March’s block called ‘JOY’. It was a embroidery center but I chose to put in a UFO block instead. I just did not have the time to do the hand sewing, however I really like how the Bear Paw center turned out. Below are the other March blocks. So happy they were super quick and easy. Love four patches and Thangles!!

Below are April’s Blocks.

I am seeing just blocks and more blocks…..funny how I have collected so many over the years.  I love Shop Hops, $1 classes, sew along’s and free bees. I really had no idea until I had made it one of my goals this year to organize and complete these many projects. I am so happy to be making space in my stash and providing quilt tops that will be donated or gifted. I really have a sense of accomplishment. So while I feel like I am always chasing the eight ball, I really have been able to make the most of my time. I really do believe in the stolen stitches between tasks. I have been able to finish so many blocks that way. I cut out and prep my pieces. Then just sew a seam here and there then before I know it, I have made huge progress.

Until next time………..find those lost moments and make the most of them!

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