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Book.... I can never have enough

Here it is July and I find myself watching for more fires this year then in the past. We usually always have a hot dry Summer however this year it has been on the cooler and wetter side of things. So you would think we would have a reprieve. Nope!

Where am I going with this……hmmm. Since I find myself not traveling very far I have taken it upon myself to do some organizing. My books in particular. And when I say books…… I should really say Library. I have seven tall bookcases…..stuffed full. YES! I read them and reread them and loan them out and add to them…… I was a Librarian for a reason. 🙂 I love the written word.

I have found, as I am rearranging and alphabetizing (by Author of course:) ) that I have managed to add not just a few but several to my collection. Most of them are Quilting Books. The newest Modern Quilting Book, or just adding to my Traditional Quilt collection: I seem to have added not one but two Embroidery books. Lets just say I have a hand and foot in many areas of the fiber world.  I wonder if I am alone in my obsession or are there like minded souls out there.

The one thing I have not been able to really get my head around is the E-Book. I have a Kindle and it has books on it. However, I really do not read from it. I do like listening to Audio books. It is so easy to just put a book on and get lost in sewing. You would be so surprised at the experience of listening to a book. I was very lucky and had a mom who read to me. I always had a very active imagination and when read too… would take off. I think that in many cases the book takes on such a more vivid life of it’s own. I feel that we all should have that experience of being read too…… a reason in itself to try a Audio Book. You can always check out your local Library….they have it all. 🙂

So I am going to get back to organizing and revisiting my books. Until next time………….find a special spot and read.

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