Building Friendships one Quilt Block at a time…..

It has been awhile since I have worked on my Hobo Quilt by Debra G. Henninger. Here are the first three blocks that I wanted to share with you. I am using  my older European Linen Plaid and some of my precious Australian Aboriginal fabrics. I decided to use the raw edge appliqué method with the one block (#2 block is ‘At The Crossroad, Go This Way’); the others are pieced (#3 block is ‘Bad Dog’ and #1 block is ‘Anything Goes’). The numbering is as they are in the book not as they are in the above picture. In the picture it would be #3, #2, and #1, from top to bottom. I am not saying, I will do that all the way thru because I like to mix things up. So I can see a variety of techniques throughout this Project popping up.

In raw edge appliqué; I cut out the image and using a fusible interfacing; adhere it to the background fabric. Then I use a decorative stitch all around the piece to secure it further. I know that there are different thoughts on this; I am of the mindset that it needs to be very secure. I use my quilts for every occasion and I wash them regularly. So it needs to hold up to the use. 🙂 I feel that it is a personal decision and you will know what works best for your project.

In this appliqué block I used Pellon Fusible 911FF; it is a light weight interfacing and gives just enough support to the applique without making it stiff. This just happens to be my favorite interfacing for this technique; any fusible will work.

You can also use needle turn appliqué if that is the look you are wanting.

This is a project that I and Instagram friend @evelinde9070  decided to tackle together. In a kind of private quilt along. So I will not be posting these pictures on Instagram. I thought it would be more fun to just keep it to my blog. If you are interested in following along; Please subscribe to my site (just to your right). Then you will not miss any of the fun to be had. 🙂

I am hoping to get back to this project after the New Year and when things tend to settle down for me.

Until next time……….Lets sort our resolutions.

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