Button Button Who has the Button


Today is one of those wonderful Fall days…..kinda sleepy and cozy. So With my chores done and an itch to do something. I looked around my sewing area and thought…where are my buttons? I have them all over the room….and in other rooms. LOL…yes! I love buttons of all kinds. I have been lucky to have inherited my grandmother’s buttons and I was given buttons from my friend, Virginia. This is in addition to my own collection of buttons.    So I set out to pull everything out and see what I had. I realized that I had an abundance.

 buttons of all size,color and materialLet's Begin..... Grandma's buttonsNow how to go about this daunting task. I decided to organize them by color and material they were made out of.

I have a lot of metal, wood, shell and antique buttons. Those I put into their own jars. I reused the Talenti Gelato container. Love that Gelato……yummy!! I then just had fun and started…..playing! It took me all afternoon but what a great afternoon it was. I am really so very happy: I have them in one place and in color order. It is so much easier to locate

that “just right” button for the project that I am working on. I am a huge advocate to organization. I have plans to really organize my patterns this Winter. I have been planning on this all Summer. I waste so much time looking for that Pattern I know I have but cannot find when I need it. As I am sure many of you can relate to. SO here is a quick peek of how the buttons look like after I was done.

 Some of my special buttons

All pretty Now!!So until next time…. just take a little time to play and laugh and remember!!

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