Challenging One’s Self………

Be your Own Inspiration

As the Spring arrives, I realize that I would like to try a few things new this year! I find myself a bit housebound as of late so the normal classes that I would be taking are just not possible this year.

I have decided to put myself a bit more out there……..So I decided to make myself official and  I applied for my Business License. I am officially – Flannel Ladybug. I am not sure what exactly I will be doing, however; I do know that at this point and forward: I will be working for myself. This has come about due to many life obstacles and having given it my hard headiness attempt to do “what was expected” I am now going to just do ME!

I would like to become a On-Line Store offering items that I believe in and use in my daily life. Now starting off with just a idea and a piece of paper; I thought it might be best to just start exploring the cyber world that I want to become a part of.

So next on my list is to start a Esty Store.

I will also be building up my presence on Google Plus.

My swaps are coming along nicely!

If you would like to see more you can go over to my Instagram. Where I post my progress and will reveal what I received in return.

Until next time……………….follow your heart!

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