Cleaning One’s Machine…..

This is what happens when you haven’t cleaned your machine or changed the needle. Ugly stitches!! The tension is all a mess and the needle is dull.

I have a vintage DAQ 555-3 that sits in a oil bath. It is a Juki and a real work horse!! I love my machine but I haven’t been a very good mom…..the next few pictures will show just how it looked when I opened her up to show her a much needed cleaning!!


It is really hard to show all the lint that was caught in the bobbin and behind the bobbin holder…but let me tell you ……. I am ashamed to say it was BAD!

I used a old paint brush to dust it and a can of air to get the hard to reach places. I took a pin to really make sure that the lint was out of the bobbin case, in the little grove and behind the tension screw on the inside.  ( where my finger and thumb are ) I am hoping that makes sense.

I also wiped up all the old oil and grime that had collected in the front over flow area. I really love having a machine in a oil bath. I never have any real issues with the stitching until I have neglected it to this point. Something I am not proud of. I really should start a maintenance book for when I clean her and change the needles. This machine uses 110/18 Groz-Beckert needles. It is a mid-arm quilting machine on a 12 foot frame.

I love how beautifully she quilts after the cleaning.

It took a few hours to rip out the whole quilt. I find it relaxing and really not that much of an issue. I just put on a good movie or like this time around ; sit down for a good conversation. I sometimes leave a pile that needs ripped out just for when I have company. My mom will knit or crochet and I can pull stitches out. That is a good day. Here is the stitches after a good cleaning and new needle. Much better!!:)

Until next time………remembering to do those little things, can save you grief in the end.

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