Everyday is an Adventure

I just thought I would touch base with everyone on a more personal level!

I was looking through my photos and I was being drawn to the beautiful blue skies, that I am so lucky to have about 90% of the time. Of course just with everything~ it holds many different looks. That BLUE though…..no filter needed. It is so calming and always reassuring. I only have to look up and I am reassured that it will be alright. That everything is as it should be even if I do not understand in this moment.

We will be wrapping up the last of the clean up from the wildfire that destroyed our pump house and burnt 1089 acres on June 1. The items that are left is the pump house itself, (needs to come down) and some larger items, that need to be dismantled to be hauled off to the dump. I have at last count, made 17 dump runs in this clean up process.

I can say with much gusto that I am ready to rebuild. I have been making plans and more plans …..reminding myself that I need to take one step at a time. The cost involved will have to be broken up into more manageable pieces. I am so proud of my youngest son who has given his time to help as he can in this whole process.

My many family members are all on the road to recovery. They each were hit with their own devastating health issues.  Everything was a freak situation, so unexpected and no immediate answers. It is so scary just being in the hospitals but then to have no answers in sight. This was my first six months……. Hospitals! I am not very happy with how Hospitals just want to slap band-aids on and send you home.

My family is so small and we are so tough. But even in our small family there are limits.

I keep looking at the blue sky and saying my prayers. I am so very grateful that everyone is still here on Earth and though the road is long, they will all heal! We have survived: 4 hospital stays, 3 surgeries, 2 weddings and 1 wildfire!

I really wonder what the next 6 months will bring our way.  I am reminded to just trust in the Lord’s plan and ENJOY THE RIDE.

Until next time………………..Hug your loved ones! Be kind to others!

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