What affiliate services do you use?

Here, you will find a list of all affiliate services I use on my site; each link below will take you to a dedicated page going over how and why I use each service. As always! No affiliate service I use on this site will cost you anything to use !


Quilty Box

Boho Berry Box

Wish List

Are your products made in a pet / smoke free environment?

  • Yes, each of the products I make and list in my shop are made in a pet and smoke free work space.
  • Items listed in my shop sold through affiliate links. I am not in control of! please check with the seller.
  • All products listed in my shop ( fabric and samples ) also come from a Gluten free home. Celiac Safe !

Do you accept custom orders?

This is a difficult one to answer. I hate to say it but; “It Depends”. Please contact me via the e-mail icon at the bottom of my web page to discuss the matter further. Don’t hesitate to ask, I am very approachable and review every request. 🙂

Would you consider a Collaboration?

Absolutely ! I always look forward to working with new creators and product providers. Please contact me using the e-mail icon at the base of my web page.

Do you do reviews?

I am open to reviewing your product! please get in touch. Some things you should be aware of before sending me products to review.

  • I must be allowed to voice MY honest and full opinion.
  • I will need to keep the product.
  • I will not put down your competitors ( no mudslinging )
  • I must be allowed to disclose the fact I received the item for free for review. ( no secret reviews )

Additional question?? E-mail me today.