Farewell April…….

I can hardly believe how fast this last month has gone by.  This has been such a cold Spring. We finally had three fantastic days in the high 80’s but then we dropped back down into the 60’s. I really need to get outside. I am perpetually behind. Then I sit and think about all the things that I have actually done.  Above is last months Quilty Box (which I opened only just a bit ago in April)!!! I love it and cannot wait to make my project that is in the Quilty Magazine. I cannot say enough fantastic things about this subscription. My only wish is that I could get it every month. I am budget minded, so I do pick and choose my months. March’s Box was my birthday present to myself. If you have never had a subscription or if you are looking for another one…….I provided a link above for you. (If I get three or more referrals then I get a free box! 😎 🤩)

My goal for April was to clean my cutting table off. I had a bunch of projects that were in different stages of completion. I did not get everything done or cleared off but I am really happy with the progress that I made. Baby steps I always say. A step forward is progress and I am counting it. Some of the things that did not get done were……….the last two Candied Pineapple blocks, my scrappy tote bags, some of my quilts still need quilted, and I wanted to make more Red and Black Feathers. Job security  😅 😆 …..there is always going to be a list of projects.

I did complete quite a few things though.  Up first is my Bird Mug Rugs. These started out as test block 

but now live on my coffee table. I just love how the stripe fabric looks as a binding. It is always a go to choice. I was able to get my Coffee Table Runner pieced. It is in line to be quilted (could be next months goal 🤔 ) I did make it a bit larger to fit the space that It will live. I have really wanted a nice runner under my coffee pot and I am now a step closer.

I wish I had made the brown mug pieces a bit more contrasting. It is good though….I know that the coffee pot and cups will cover some of this. It was so easy, why it sat on my cutting table for so long who knows. I need to get into the habit of rotating the project pile. Because I just keep piling on top of and the older stuff gets forgotten. My Bad‍🤦🏻‍……..does anyone else do this??

This next project that I was able to clear off my table was the  Sew Sweetness Hexie Zipper Pouch.

Here are my hexies that I took the time to hand stitch together and fussy placed so everything was just right. Just to completely sew it inside out. LOL yes I did!! So I, for course had to make another one but this time I did not make it with hexies in case I made the same mistake. I see more of these in my future.

They are perfect for my Hexie swaps. The Purple one on the left has wonderful hexies inside for the lining. The Yellow pouch is so cute!! It is in the mail to its new forever home. I hope Kathy likes it as much as I do!!

So for my final finish of the month is the Selvage pouch by Sew Sweetness.  I have been saving selvages for such a long time. I have a bookcase quilt in my future but I also had this pouch pattern on my table. I have a sewing retreat with my family and friends every year and I always bring goodies. Last years retreat did not happen due to all the fires and smoke, making traveling a no go. I was so happy to finally get these done. I just found it so relaxing finding my pieces and playing with the layout. I tried and personalized them to the person who will be receiving it. So I took quite a few pictures. There are 5 in total. I took a picture of the front and back of a couple.

I am so happy to be able to share these with you and hope that I have inspired you to make something new. I have fewer projects on my table now and I have a head start on some gifts. I am very Thankful to the One Monthly Goal with Elm Street Quilts for inspiring me to set a goal and working on it through the month. I have found many new bloggers and creators in the process. I find myself always looking forward to the next goal, the next month.

Until next time……………..National Honesty Day.


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