February Finishes

The view off my front steps. I love how brilliant blue the sky is next to the stark white of the snow. Mother nature is amazing!

Hello fellow makers! I am always running late with these posts that link up with Elm Street Quilts. I really enjoy going back over the month to revisit the projects that I have either finished or have gathered up to be finished. This months goal was to make a night gown for myself. I can happily report that I did that and more. 😄

I would like to start with my first finishes and then go through the month chronologically. My first finish was this beautiful flannel and corduroy King size quilt. I have had the scraps all cut into strips for sometime. All it took was a long cold snow day to kick me into action. I wasn’t at all planning on working on this project but I am so very glad I did. I have the backing all picked out and ready to piece. It will be flannel! I might put it up as my March goal, hmmm something to think about.

During the month of February I also decided to push for a destash. I pulled a bunch of fabrics and had a nice turn out of support. I still have items so if you are interested please follow my feed @flannelladybug_destash, I am still adding items to it.

In an effort to clear out some of my things- I am trying to use my scraps and stash whenever possible. So I made two Mighty Tote Bags. I chose red scraps and brown scraps. I have had the pattern for such a long time. It was a freebie in a Shop Hop that I did years ago. “Click here to Download” It is not the greatest of copies but it is what I have and am happy to share it for free.

A couple of things that I do differently 1) I do not waste the corner cut offs, I turn them into pockets for the inside. 2) I do not use or make the bottom sleeve. I find that I do not need it.

As you can see I also use orphan blocks along with my scraps. I use it all.

Then with the month almost over I realized that I needed to make my night gown. I was not liking the patterns that I had at first pulled. So I went back to my patterns and rummaged through them again. I finally settled on Easy McCall’s pattern M5893. I liked that it had a option for pockets. The fabric is by FreeSpirit ‘Modernist’ by Joel Dewberry in a Voile. I love the feel of this fabric. I really am hoping that it will be cool in the hot Summer months.

I am not super crazy with where the bodice line hits but it fits! I love that I was able to get the direction of the fabric right! 😄

I ended up making a couple of shirts this particular weekend. I used a Beige Linen from my Grandmother for the first shirt and some yardage that was gifted to me from a IG follower for the second shirt. There wasn’t quite enough of either so I went wild with them and combined them. These were made with the Simplicity pattern #8729. I alternated it to fit me and love how quick and easy this went together. I will definitely be making more of these. I love how long it is!!

I really want to play with different fabrics and sleeve lengths. I really have need to make some Summer clothes, so I am very excited to have these in my closet now! Have you ever made clothes? Or ever even wanted to? I have never thought that I shouldn’t. I really like having clothes that fit right and that are uniquely mine. I live in a small community with a Wal-Mart and when you see people walking on the street………you can tell. Everyone has the same shirt, different color! Let me tell you I need more variety!! LOL…… Anyone can do it. The patterns that are out now are fantastic for the beginner. Pick a pattern, buy some muslin or any cheap fabric to test with. Then once you have built up your confidence buy a non directional fabric and go for it!! You will be happy you did!

Below is my grandmother’s ham still working as well as the day she made it. I love that I have been so blessed to have been given this one and a few others. I use them all the time when making my clothes. Have any of you ever used one or know how to use it??

I have shared on my IG account some of my other finishes. So you can always follow what I am up to there as well. @FLannelladybug. I would love to have some new followers. Have you ever done a IG giveaway? I haven’t and I am really wanting to. But have no idea what to offer up as a Prize. I would love some suggestions (mind I am on a tight budget).

I guess I have made up for not having Blogged all month….lol. I have written a book for you to read through. If you made it this far, Thank You! I would love to know if there is anything you would like me to show you how to do? Any Tutorials that you would like me to show? I would love to hear from you all!

Until next time………………I better figure out my next goal!

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  1. Lovely work. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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