FREE Aurifil Designer Block Challenge 2018 – Block 6 and Block 2 Splendid Sampler II

Hello everyone! I am sharing with you today just a few of the blocks that I have been making. Some are from on going Sewing Alongs and others are just blocks I had to give a try. I This year seems to be the year of blocks, it is just about all I can do with all the other things going on.

We have started some of the much needed clean up from the Fire aftermath. If you want to read my original post on the fire go HERE. I believe it will take me all Summer to get things right again. I couldn’t have needed my income at a more crucial time……..hindsight right. This too will pass. 🌈

I have been following the FREE Aurifil Designer Block Challenge 2018 and decided to make Block 6 designed by Kid Giddy. The block is called The Tonga Block. You can get the free pattern Here, going all the way to the bottom of the page. I have enjoyed @kidgiddy patterns in the past and was looking forward to making this block as well.  Pat Sloan has a great tutorial on this block and the rest of the months.

She still needs to be trimmed properly and papers pulled off but I think she will be a perfect addition to my Halloween Quilt!

Another fantastic block that will be making it into my Halloween Quilt is this free pattern from @nightquilter called “Love is the Key” (on the left) and my version “dipped in poison” , using leftover blocks parts from another project.

Then there is my block two in the Splendid Sampler Sew Along……block One is Here

I am not super happy with the way this turned out and will be remaking it for sure. It is what I get for being in a rush, as sometimes happens.

I have really been enjoying this bits of time when I sneak away and just sew a bit here and there. Always find time to enjoy your passion. It is time well spent. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and a perfect start to Summer.

Until next time……………….Always look for the sunny spot in the road.

4 Replies to “FREE Aurifil Designer Block Challenge 2018 – Block 6 and Block 2 Splendid Sampler II”

  1. You always have something fun you are working on. The key is darling! ❤️


    1. Thank You Lori! I really enjoyed the Love Is The Key Block and think I will be making more. Rainbow keys….what do you think?


      1. Yes!! That is what I think I’ll do for the center of what I hope will be a round robin next year. I better start practicing


        1. That will make a beautiful center!


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