Goals for 2018….

2018 Planning Party
   Just in the nick of time 🙂
I have been very busy organizing my up coming projects and working on clearing out my old inventory. I just revamped my website which took way longer then I had wanted: as these things tend to do. So with that said my FIRST GOAL for 2018 is to build my website up and pursue the things I enjoy. Please look around and let me know what you think in the comments below.

I received my 2017 planner as a gift and loved it so much I bought myself the 2018 Planner. I love making lists and crossing them off as I make progress (even the smallest momentum forward gets validation:) ).

I was just going though the accomplishments of the year in my  ‘ Where has the time gone?’ post: and realized I had a year of blocks, a LOT of blocks and a few quick projects. I  really felt like I had not done that much until I took a good long look. So with that my SECOND GOAL is to finish putting these quilts together. They are all gifts, that should have been done for Christmas 2017, however I knew that was a little ambitious.:)  As much as I like making lists; I also know when to be flexible and adjust my goals. I am pretty good about completing things I set out to: just not always in a timely manner. 🙂

In 2017 I was very busy with pattern testing, sew alongs, the occasional commission piece, and #payitforward projects ( where you surprise someone with goodies ). Instagram has been my avenue of creativity for most of the year. So my THIRD GOAL is to actually do more blogging. Where I can share what I am doing and also pass on some tips and tricks that I use: here on my website. I have so many things that I really enjoy. I find that it all doesn’t play well on one Instagram feed. I have tried to mix it all up, well share as things are happening but those that sew: just want to see sewing. Those that are foodies: do not appreciate all the quilt blocks. And let me tell you I have passed the point of all the cute family pics lol. However, I love taking photos of the world around me as I experience it !  So after many attempts of differing approaches, I really think I am going to spend more time here; on my website. I hope that you will take sometime and explore my website while you are here. 🙂

My FOURTH GOAL is a life style goal… I want to enjoy life more. I am a “the glass is half full” kinda gal. So with that I want to encourage all of us to enjoy the world round us more. Really taking a moment… To look at those things around us, not to take the small things for granted.

By this I mean: If you always drive the same way to work, take one day to drive home a different route. Look around, what do you see? If you always walk in one direction of your home; go in the opposite direction. To say Hello to someone you might have otherwise walked passed. These may seem very simple (and they are):  but you might be surprised by how it feels to rediscover your own neighbors, neighborhood, co-workers or city. For me it somehow puts things in perspective. I enjoy seeing how I fit into the world around me. Do I like where I am at? How can I change it for the better? Is this the person I want to be? Are my relationships the very best they can be? I never saw that grouping of flowers before, were they always there? How far can I travel in a day; to explore and home again? How long has that new restaurant been open? I want to ENJOY these vistas more!

2018 Goal overview

  1. Build up Website
  2. Finish the quilts that precede and includes 2017
  3. Do more Blogging
  4. Enjoy the world around me

Please take a moment and visit some of the other wonderful Bloggers who are participating in this Link Up Party and Thank You for visiting my Website. Here is to a fantastic new year!

Until next time………. Hug yourself and those around you a bit more.

4 Replies to “Goals for 2018….”

  1. Hello, Jeri, and thank you so much for sharing and linking up. I really love your 4th goal to enjoy the world around you. I hope that you have a lot of quilting joy in 2018. Happy New Year!


    1. Thank You Yvonne. I really do want to get outside more. I hope you have a Happy New Years!


  2. Jeri,

    I love your blog! Now I need to work on mine. You are doing a wonderful job, now you can come over to mine and work on it. 🙂 I am just not sure what to blog about. When we start our Butterfly SAL, we can blog about that! Thanks for being such a great friend!


    1. Thank You Ester! I appreciate your support and friendship. I am looking forward to growing that friendship into 2018. I would love to blog our SAL journey for sure. 🙂
      Happy New Year’s Eve!!


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