This is my word of the year. It speaks to me in so many ways. As you can see I have changed somethings up. I hope you like the the cleaner and fresher look of my Website. I am taking this new year to just step back and re-access my world. I guess what I am really doing is acknowledging what was working for me and what was not. I had a very abnormal year last year and it brought to my attention areas that needed to go and areas I really wanted to open up in.

So first things first as you can see my shop is gone. I have closed my Business and really feel good about it. I wasn’t in the place to be putting myself 110% into it. I have been self employed before and will be again. So I do not see this as a set back in any way.

What does this mean for my long term customers or for the new potential customer?? I still have my Esty Shop (where I will be listing a verity of items as I make them) and I am always happy to respond to any custom inquires through my Contact page. I will always try to answer any questions in a timely manner.

I wasn’t as consistent as I had wanted to be this last year and part of that was that I was putting limitations on myself. I really loved doing the Linky parties and will continue to participate as I can. What I did not like was that I felt trapped in content. Of course of my own doing.

So going forward I will be doing a variety of content. I feel that being more consistent is more important than just having one type of content. Now having said that you may disagree and I may not like how it looks. However, this will be a topic to revisit at the end of the year. I really want to give myself this year to see what comes out of it. I am hoping that it will enrich my Blog and generate a interesting environment in which you will want to come back to see what’s next. SO yes, there will still be my quilting content and tutorials, however I will also be adding in everything else. 😁 I am hoping, in the beginning at least, to post weekly. I really liked having a scheduled date and it worked for me. I would, as time goes on, like to increase that to be more frequent.

To truly have a interactive milieu I will rely on you my readers to leave comments. Telling me how you are liking or not liking my posts. I welcome any and all corrective criticism that will help me grow as a Blogger/ Content creator. Thank You!

The last thing I would like to address is my affiliate links. I cover this in the FAQ and About me page, but would like to just once again be transparent here. I do use Affiliate links. To date I have never made any money on them and would like to change that. Any items I link to are items I own and use or subscribe too.

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