Happy Wednesday……..

Theresa's $5 Quilt Theresa 5 quilt (1)

Here is a beautiful quilt that was pieced in part over a year as a $5 class at the LQS. The owner of this quilt is moving and asked me to help finish it by adding the borders and quilting it.

It was a pleasure to work on. I just love the colors and the backing is a beautiful blue/green Batik. I was asked to do a all over stippling so that the blocks would stand out on their own. I love that all you see is her beautiful piecing and not the quilting. This class was a technique class that spanned over a year. We had hoped to have been there together at each class but life happens and as it was we carried each other thru. If I could not go she could and visa versa. In the end we both ended up with quilts that we can look back on and enjoy the memories that go with them.

Never be afraid to take on something new but do give yourself permission to take as long as you need to get it right or completed. Would she take the class again? She says YES! Will she make any of these blocks again only time will tell.

  I have still to quilt my quilts. If you remember I have two versions- a Christmas version and a more Modern version. I have posted some of the blocks as I made them. I will, once quilted, share the finished quilts. Until then………..Do not let your chores be too many, that you cannot find the time to enjoy the season.

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  1. I love your work and the pictures are beautiful great job !!!


    1. Thank You so much Jenn!


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