Having Fun with re-purposing…..

candy jars- repurposed gelato containers


I had so much fun this weekend…..making these wonderful Candy Jars. I made them using empty Talenti Gelato containers. I love any opportunity to re-purposing containers of any kind. I had help collecting the jars: those that I recruited had no complaints at all. 🙂 There has not been a flavor that has not been just yummie.

I was thinking with it being Halloween soon and with my Guild meeting coming up; what could I do for my fellow members…. a Goodie.

I saw this tutorial done by Jo Packham and the ah ha moment happened. It was so much fun just using my scraps and improvising. I picked fabrics that I hope that each member would like. I made a total of 14, so that they could really choose the one they liked. I think every quilter deserves to have a container where our secret chocolate can hide in plain site. Am I right Ladies and Gents!!

I hope that you think of those containers in a different way, the next time you have them. This will work with any straight edged container….the bell or ball jars will not work. I can see this as a way to add color or your favorite fabric to your sewing space. They can be used to hide your bits and pieces; while keeping your space pretty and well organized. I have made three more of these covers, just for this…. my buckles, metal buttons, and my wood buttons now live in one of these pretty containers on my bookshelf.

I would love to hear how you have used your re-purposed container.  Until next time…………reuse, re-purpose, recycle…..with a flare!!

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