Hexies Hexies and More Hexies

This has been my Summer! I had not realized until just now how many Hexies I have made and received this Summer. I really love handwork and it is so easy to do just about any where. I have bought most of my papers up to this point from Paper Pieces directly: although I have also started buying the same papers from Amazon.

I tried glue basting for the first time this Summer. I have to say I am not a fan. I think it is just the way it feels when I am making them. I feel like I am cheating and that is not satisfying at all.

I have learned a few things new ……trading with others some of whom live outside the USA. Basting with your thread on top of your hexie, so yes; you go through the paper. There are some advantages to doing hexies this way. It does make it easier to remove your basting thread.

I have also learned that you can use water soluble interfacing; where you can leave the ‘paper’ in and it will wash out in the end.  I actually like this idea. It gives it a bit more stability as you are sewing them together whether into flowers or in a project.

I have still to do some Halloween Hexies to make. This will be a fun to come up with some projects that will use these Hexies. I keep seeing a Modern version of making a hexie pillow……that I really want to try. Exciting Winter UFO….in the works!

Until Next Time………fussy cutting is an art form!

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