In the heat of Summer……

“And Suddenly you know…. it’s time to start something NEW and trust the MAGIC of BEGINNINGS.”

-Author unknown

I am always taken aback by how much I sew in the Summertime. This year is no exception. I think that it is all the bits of time that I can find and all the prepping that I do. From the cutting and labeling to the pinning/clipping….I try and make the most of my time. I see the results at the end of the month as I make these posts.

I am still not where I want to be: however, I am active in the sewing/quilting/bag making communities.

I am vastly growing to love these Link Up’s that I have been doing this year. I never quite understood what they were all about and I am still learning. I love finding like minded individuals. I find so much inspiration. Not just in their projects but in their life stories. It is a wonderful reminder that I should not get lost in my own little fish bowl when there is so much more in the World.

So as I am looking at this months progress I realize that I was getting behind ….in my own self imposed time schedule….as I succumb to the wile’s of Summer. Not so much in too much time at the lake but more in the embracing the outdoor chores and planning of outdoor spaces. The fun bits after all the clean up. More on that later though.

Today I am sharing with you my Splendid Sampler II Blocks. It isn’t too late to start and you can pre order your book HERE. Remember you will only be getting the first 20 blocks are free in this Sew Along, you will need the book, coming out in October, to make the entire Sampler Quilt.

Wenche Wolff Hatling is the Designer for the ‘Balance‘ Block.

I used a Swarovski Crystals for her eye and machine blanket stitch around the pieces. I really wish  I had taken the time to have done this by hand. I personally love doing the hand embroidery stitches. I find that it is so relaxing.

Susan Ache is the Designer of ‘Point Taken‘. I really enjoyed how easy this block was. I can see this as a one block wonder quilt.

Lori Kennedy Designed this beautiful block ‘Rose and Dot‘. This turned out super cute! Love the Gingham it looks like the flower is laying on the tablecloth. 😍


I am having so much fun with this weekly block Sew Along. I found that it was easy enough to sit and catch up on the times that I run behind. I am looking forward to seeing your blocks and getting to know more of you along the way.


Until next time……….. Hum a little tune!

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