Instagram Swaps. How many is too many?

I have found that I have a lot of  Instagram Swaps going and a QAL……. what have I done. Bahaha ( insert evil nervous laugh ). The beautiful pillow in the above picture is one that I received in the #owlswap. This is so beautiful! The workmanship in the cross stitching is just prefect. I was so caught off guard with this. Up to this point I had only received quilts and mug rugs. This is why I am hooked. The craftsmanship of a fellow maker!!!

This photo actually is full of makers. The Afghans were both made by my mother (a true maker). She knits, crochets, tats, and sews. She has refinished furniture and grown beautiful flower gardens.

The two green pillows and the green batik quilt under them were all made by my talented cousin Lisa, whom is on Pinterest.  She can make such gorgeous purses and quilts in her very limited spare time.

I currently have way too many swaps that I am either working on or have shipped off already: in just this month alone. Hence the lack of posts…..way to busy! Below is a mosaic of the ones I have sent off.

Starting from the Top left and going across then back to the left and across …… Row 1) #Burtonswap, #owlswap, #halloweencraftminiswap Row 2)#wordplayminiswap, #apronswap, #MFT_miniswap (MFT stands for My Favorite Things) Row 3) #burtonswap Angel ( meaning I stood in for someone who dropped out so no one was left out), #starbucksmugrugswap, #quietplayswap (this is less then a 12″mini) That star is paper pieced!!

Until next time…………Challenge yourself!

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