January’s Boho Berry Box is here!


The Boho Berry Team are celebrating their first year Anniversary with this box.

I believe, I missed out on the first two boxes. But once I was able to get on the list for subscribers, I have been a loyal Tribe Member and happier for it!

Let’s take a look at this box full of goodies! I always feel like I am getting my money’s value with each box and this one is no different!

-Leuchturm1917 A6 Dot Grid Notebook ( Still on it’s way, there was a slight delay due to weather. The communication from the staff was fantastic! Plus this is a NEW size for me. So I am super excited!)

-Tombow MonoDrawing Pen (03)

-Goulet Pens/ Platium Preppy, Fine Nib in Pink ( We have received such fun colors over the past months. They are such a fun and easy fountain pen to use!)

-Berry Sweet Plans/ Confetti Tassel Clip (Super Cute!)

Then we have our Members Only January tracker, January sampler Stickers, and Bunting month Headers along with fun Bunting Washi Tape!

I have used up all the stickers in prepping for my 2019 planning. I love the addition of the Bunting Month Headers. I love the new design of the sampler stickers but sincerely missed my multiple tracker stickers. I need more then one!! I am sure it is because I use the smaller trackers way more then I do the full page tracker that we receive. I am not sure if I am the only one or not but I find the smaller trackers to be a better fit because they are more flexible. I can put one here or there. With the full page tracker I find myself forgetting to go back into my planner to fill it out.

Below here are the planners that I have finally decided on for the year of 2019!

I am very Happy with my Chic Sparrow Deluxe Hummingbird Wide with my Planner Perfect Inserts! But I wanted to try something new – The Happy Planner is a gift ( Thank You Laura!!). I love how the Confetti Tassel looks right at home among the pages! I am curious how I will feel about it at the end of the year ( the planner not the tassel 😄).

My Chic Sparrow holds my Daily/Weekly Moleskine along with my Travel Insert and a Monthly Insert. I use these to plan my camping and road trips as well as any appointments. Household business and maintenance are also kept in these. The Rose Blue Journal is for my “To Do” lists, this is the one I am jotting down ideas, things that need to be done, and any quilting math that I need at a fingers touch. The Happy Planner, I have decided will be for all things Quilting related. From commissions, swaps, sew alongs, link ups and personal projects. A means to keep me on task.

The Happy Planner was a 2016 edition so I needed to repurpose it to fit my needs for 2019. I used my #bohoberrystickers, washi tape, and white out. The Month at a glance was a free print out that I put onto sticker paper. I am very pleased with how it has turned out.

I would love to know how you plan and what you are using! Please share with me as I am always looking for inspiration.

Until next time………….Plan Beautiful Dreams!

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