July Block of the Month

July Blocks in the different colorways. This photo was taken by Lori.

Welcome to the half way point in this Block of the Month. I am really loving the fabrics in this Colorway. I chose to go with the Civil War version. Given the three fabric colorways, I have liked many of the fabrics the shop has chosen. I really am a fan of the rustic colors and warmth of the deeper tones. Loving on these!

This months block is called ‘Double X‘ and is far easier to put together then it first looks like. It is made up of HST’s and Flying Geese. It’s design comes from the placement of the fabrics.

you will need to be very careful when cutting out your pieces. I actually had to piece some of my fabrics together, because I had the salvage in my fabric. It has happened before and really is upsetting if this was a gift. I would have traded out the fabric. The little bit of fabric at the top of this photo is all the left overs you will have.  So it will not always be possible to piece your bits to get usable fabric.

This may not be a issue with all the fabric kits and it is not just this shop that I have seen this happen.  I will say that the Batik BOM from Calico Cat has been the complete opposite and I have so much fabric left over. They were very generous in their BOM kits. (Too bad they are no longer in Business. Why do they have to retire……lol! )

You may want to see if you can purchase some of these fabrics along the way, so if this happens you can easily just replace it with the same fabric. I have been gifted some additional background fabric for just this situation. I was not able to find the same fabric here locally. I love the challenge of matching fabrics but sometimes it is just easier to go with what you can. I know that many times The Quilt Store will often offer a finishing kit and /or have the fabrics used in the BOM set aside for those participating.

When prepping my Flying Geese, I used a normal pencil to draw my center line and then I pinned according to the layout. As you can see I marked the pattern as I pinned the block so that I would not mess up the placement of the fabrics. Then just sew together as you would any other flying geese blocks. I sewed just to the inside of the line I drew to ensure that it would come out to the correct measurement. I also made my bonus HST by drawing a second line, a half an inch to the outside edge from the first line. I love being able to use these extras in another project. I love that my Bloc-Loc ruler makes quick work of trimming any size of HST. Look at how tiny those trimmings are. It really does make a difference when you trim your pieces as you build your blocks. You block will finish out much nicer. Bloc-Loc also makes a ruler to trim Flying Geese check those out HERE.

In a truly Jeri fashion, I forgot to take more photos. LOL….. Sometimes I wonder where my head is. Luckily this block is fairly straight forward:  after you make, trim and press your flying geese and your HST; all you have to do is just them lay out according to the pattern in your Mag.

Here is what your finished block should look like.  (I am very pleased that you can not easily see where I had to piece my fabric, win-win!)

Here is my Red and White July Block

Here is my July Calico Cat BOM

I really do enjoy making these BOM blocks. I am always so surprised at the differences that come along with the different ways that Shops put their BOM kits together. I think that I can safely say there are always some challenges along the way: from poorly written instructions, very badly written instructions, to  shortages on fabrics. However, I always feel like it was worth it all in the end. I really have enjoyed every BOM I have ever been apart of. The piles of pre-made blocks sometimes will end up in its intended quilt top but more often then not, they are the blocks that I use for a quick gift. A baby quilt, a table runner, a bag, or even potholders and place mats.

I love that I do not have to search for fabrics and then make the project. I am guaranteed a grouping of blocks that go well together. It really does cut down my time, so that I am able to put something together on the fly. I hope that at sometime in your sewing career you give a BOM a try. There is always one going on somewhere, but the best timing I find is in the beginning of the year.

I hope that you will continue to follow along for the second half of this Block of The Month. Where I will continue to share the three different sets I am working on.


Until next time…………………………….Stay Hopeful!!

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  1. Your blocks look so good!


    1. Thank You so much Lori! I can’t believe we are half way through already! They say time flies when you’re having fun! Thank You so much for inviting me along on this journey. It has been such a gift!!


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