June 1st came in with a Huge Fire.

Can you believe my neighbors are behind this wall of fire and smoke?! Everyone is safe and sound, Thank the Blessed LORD!! It was his saving grace that we still have a home. This was a fire cause on accident (though there is a investigation) by a neighbor to the south who was just driving in the high grass on the back of his property. YES! We are just that dry. With very little snow or rain this year it is especially dry, the winds do not help either.

June 1st was the first day of the Fire Ban for the season.

I wanted to say “Thank You!” to all those who have reached out and touched my heart! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!

I am including some of the photos after the fire passed of the damage. More for myself then anything. I want to remember and remind myself of how different it could have all ended. While I am not very close with the neighbor who started this fire, I am forever grateful that he responded with such quickness. He was the one who came knocking on my door and our other neighbors. Giving us all a chance to jump ship before we were trapped. We had just enough time to turn the sprinklers on and leave. It was heart wrenching standing on the opposite corner of our property and not be able to do anything. We all felt so helpless. Not a very good feeling at all. It looks so much worse then it really is in what is really important……human life, livestock and pets………the rest can be replaced or rebuilt.

The Firemen did a fantastic job of putting out the fire and even coming back when a few hot spots blazed up again. I am not sure how long it took them to get to us………seemed like hours……..but I am sure it was less then 15/20 minutes. It is comprised of all volunteers. I Thanked every one of them as they let us back on to our property to move the water around. Which was a blessing in itself. We almost lost our pump house completely, it will be needing to be replaced but it is still standing. 

This fire took several hundred acres out, our 38+ was just a tiny bit in its path. It could have been so much worse. Counting my many blessings and rethinking some priorities!


Now to clean up and regroup. Is it strange that I actually see the blessings of this horrible event. I can now do some much needed work in Summer. When I would normally wait until Fall. I really want to get a rototiller, so that I can replant the backyard. I can now move a couple of my rock flower beds with ease. Lots of hard work ahead only slowed down by income but I am looking forward to how green it will be next year. I can rework my yard for the first time since the kids have grown up and the grand kids are now preteens. I am looking forward to the change.

If I do not look for the bright side of things I might become over whelmed and that will not do!! It is not in me to stay down when I am hit with difficulties. I tend to face things head on and with a smile.

If there is any interest I will consider updates on the outside projects. But only if there is interest. Otherwise, I will just start and not stop until finished. First will be lots of laundry……..the smoke damage in the house is overpowering. I am not sure about my fabric stash…..it maybe a loss, if I can’t get the smell out. Everything else is replaceable. Love shopping for new towels, sheets, clothes and I can always make new quilts. I maybe off the social rail a bit more then I intended we shall see. My plate is so full….this year has been so crazy!

Until Next Time………………What doesn’t break you makes you stronger!!!


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  1. So glad you’re ok Jeri! I hope you’re able to get all the smokey smell out of your house. Maybe I can come over and help you clean up some weekend here soon.


    1. Thank You so much Vicki!! This means the world to me. I will keep you in mind when I get the go ahead. The smokey smell will take time. Maybe next Spring we can do a girls weekend and plant new flowers and plants! Just so happy to have a home. xoxo


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