June BOM

June has been such a long month and one of the bright spots has been the Block of the Month that I am doing with my friend Lori @lkinzie80. Her local shop Quilts and Things picked out another great bunch of fabric choices.

My choice of theme is the Civil War fabrics. I really love these blues. This Month’s block is a Double Churn Dash Block!

This month I had to be very careful how I cut out the pieces. There was very little left after trimming as you can see.


Look how pretty the pieces are after they have been trimmed up and ready to go. I really love that they gave us a third color for the center of the smaller Churn Dash block. I can see this block becoming a favorite as a whole quilt design. I have always been a fan of the single Churn Dash Block, In fact Lori made a handful for me in our Annual Birthday Swap. I will be working on that project more this Fall. So there is something to look forward to. Sneaky of me right! (wink wink)


I think that I am going to chain piece this block together, which will cut down the assembly time a lot. Especially if you were making a lot of this same block. Just something to keep in mind.

But first we must pair up our fabrics and draw our lines for the half square triangles. I have seen a tool that you use to mark the sew lines, like these…

                                            Fons and Porter Quarter Inch Seam Markers, 2-Pack
I however, just use a straight ruler making from corner to corner and sewing a quarter inch away from the center line on each side.

Now that I have all the pieces prepped and ready to go, I can just chain piece away. This went so quickly, one of the quickest blocks ever. You will need to trim and iron your blocks at this point. Love my Bloc-Loc ruler for this kind of trimming up.

Let’s lay the bits and pieces out to see what we have. I love this part because it is like a puzzle coming together. To see if I made the pieces correctly, if the fabrics are in the right place, now would be the time to change out colors if you want you block to look different. I always say that it is your block, even when it is in a kit (like this one is)….change it if you do not like it. You will be much happier if you do.

Oh my! This is so pretty! Alright all that is left is just to trim up and sew together. You will sew the inner Churn Dash block first. In the normal manner of a nine patch. Trim carefully and press. Then sew on the right rail piece to the inner churn dash, next sew the HST (Half Square Triangle) to the bottom rail piece and finally sewing the bottom row to the top piece. I hope that wasn’t confusing.

Your finished block should look like this!

Here is the Red and White Block this month. It is called ‘Peppermint Twist’.

Here is the Calico Cat Block this month.

I loved how these all turned out. They were nice and quick with wonderful instructions. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to.


Until Next Time……………One step at a time!

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  1. Oh wow!!! All of your blocks are pretty but the double churn is my favorite for sure!! Haha! It turned out so good and your fabric is so pretty!! I’m going to try and cut mine out today.


    1. Thank You Lori. I can’t wait to your block! I was thinking I would love to show how all 6 blocks look together. I am looking forward to the next 6 blocks.


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