I found this in my the local dollar shop awhile back and it got me to thinking! Always heart warming to see kindness being shared. Not for the sake of glory or brownie points but from the kindness of ones heart. They were placed all over the store. How refreshing it was to see this simple gesture in a small store, in a small community; it just really spoke to me. One of those moments that if you are not present in life you would miss it.

I am a giver by nature and I, like this person, like to give anonymously. It is a sensitivity to the other persons feelings. Having experienced a need so deep that you feel like your drowning and those that noticed treated the situation with such great tact. Something I feel is majorly lacking in the world today. Think about that one experience and reflecting back on it………because of one kindness done by one person you have lived in the ripple effect.

I think that in the times of today, society has become very callous. Always thinking of the negative or thinking of the possible deception.  But I say this – isn’t it our actions that we should be most concerned about? I feel that we should look at the reasons why we give and trust that it will meet the need of others. I do not feel like it is for us to judge the need or the intent. I do think we should remember that there so many ways to show kindness. From opening the door for someone to just smiling and saying Hello! Yes, giving monies has its place and is needed often more then we realize. There is nothing like the act of Kindness when you are in the grocery line, gas line, school pick up zone, the person you walk past everyday, even when you come home to your family: if we just stopped and thought of kindness first. How differently would your day be.

I feel blessed when I can do something to better those around me. Kindness is a gift that is experienced by all in the act of that very kindness. No matter how large or small.

Until next time………I challenge you to look for those opportunities to be kind to our fellow humans.

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