March’s Finishes

I cannot believe how fast this month has gone by. I seemed to be spinning out of control with this and that all month long. I had so much fun working on this months goal. I would not have been able to make this beautiful quilt if it hadn’t been for the gifted UFO’s. So I first want to say a huge Thank You to Betty (for the fun green fabric I used in the opposite corners in the outside border), @pattil712 Patty who gifted the center block, and Andrea @thehippiequilter who gifted me a wonder stack of blocks.

I was not sure what pattern these blocks were made for originally however, I knew just what I wanted to do. I trimmed them up to 4.5″ and decided that they went perfectly with the center block of Patty’s.

Above I am working out the block layout and wondering if I would be able to use all the blocks. I love the scrappy look of the blocks laid out around the center block. They look like they belonged together. So I quickly put them together into four patch blocks, in case they were wonky. This way if the seams did not match up it would look intentional. It really did not matter to me how they were placed other then I was hoping to balance the scrappy feel of the over all top.

I was extremely lucky there was an exact number to use all the blocks that I was given, making the four patches. I did trim down the center block just to help the math work out. I added a small bright orange fabric as a inside border to brighten up the quilt. It came from my scrap pile and I am sure that I was gifted it as well. 😎 I quickly realized that I was not going to have enough 4 patches to go completely around for a second border. That was okay. 😃 I had just received the scraps of a round robin with Betty, it was perfect!! I have always loved the look of asymmetry so I knew that I would just off set things enough and see what would happen. I wanted to really use all those blocks. I always get the best feeling when I can use the gifted items to their completion.

I then added the green fabric and mitered the corners. That was the easiest way to finish out the border and not fiddle with exact math or worry if there was more on one side or another. It wouldn’t matter this way. I would just add the green and trim.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this gorgeous quilt top. It is bright and bold and dances to it’s own beat!! Best thing is it has already been claimed. So it will be going to a very happy forever home (as soon as I quilt it)!!


I made one other finish this month that I am very pleased with. It is my wide Journal Cover. It was made from recycled leather from my long ago leather couch.  My original plan did not pan out and I am so happy that it didn’t. I love the finished TN (Traveler’s Notebook) I have now.  The leather I have is very flexible and needed some support so I did make a inside lining using my Tim Holtz fabric scraps. I also made a few extra bookmarks with some left over leather from a skirt. Adding a few beads here and there I was able to dress it up just a bit!

Below are some photos…. I hope you enjoy the bonus finish.


Until next time…………………….Happy Good Friday!!

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  1. Two great finishes. Well done.


  2. Your quilt is just beautiful . Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


    1. Thank You Patty! I have found this a great way of staying on task!! I look forward to April’s Goals!


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