This fabric is just so pretty. I have been very happy with the choices that Quilts and Things have chosen so far. I have had some near misses on the amount of fabric but all in all, I have been really enjoying this BOM (satellite style). Just to remind some of you, this is a block of the month that I and Lori are doing together. Quilts and Things is her local Quilt Store. I am really happy to be able to have this posted before the month ends.

The blocks are picked by the shop from the Quiltmaker’s Magazine Vol. 16, so if you have that you can certainly follow along each month. I would love to see your blocks, you can tag me in your IG feed or send me a Pingback if you blog your progress. I really liked this months block because I will be able to show you a couple of different ways to piece it. Now to start off, I had to be very careful when I cut out my pieces and trimming the strips that I needed. That is only because I am working with a kit. I did make a second block out of my stash and it was so much easier.

This block has three different parts….. HST (in the corners), A QST (for the center) and Triangle in a Square ( in two different sections).  It is the Triangle in a square that I will show you a couple of different ways to make these, just depends on what you are more comfortable with.

Lets get started!

First thing I do is to spray starch my fabrics. So that I can  really accurately trim my pieces. I have several favorites just depends what I have on hand. I am using Heavy Starch by the Home Store here (from the Dollar Store, I believe), however I also enjoy using Best Press, Niagara Spray Starch, and Faultless Heavy Starch. After starching my background,  I cut my Background strips and set them aside.

I found it easiest to start with the sections that are easiest for me, in this case the Half Square Triangles (HST) are next. I trim my background pieces and my Brown fabric and make sure I line them up right sides together.

Here I am trimming up my squares that will be paired with a background square. You should have two sets.

Mark your line from corner to corner. This will be the line you cut on, so you will need to sew a scant quarter inch on either side of it.

I find it very easy to chain piece this step.

Then carefully cut on the line, which should be the center of your block. Producing two Half Square Triangles. (HST)

You will have four in total our of the two sets.

Carefully press and trim. I use my favorite 4.5″ Bloc-Loc Ruler to do the trimming.  One day I might get the larger size but this 4.5″ size has really been reliable. It will trim all the way down to a 1″ HST. I have used it more since making mini quilts.

Now we have our outside corners. We can move on to the center Quarter Square Triangle (QST). You will make two but you will only need one. So you can pick your best out of the two. 😊

You will repeat the same steps that we just did for the HST. Making sure that you have the right fabric placement and that they are right sides together.

Sew a scant quarter inch on either side of the center line that you marked. Cut carefully on that line. You now have two HST. Turn one so that you are laying the fabrics on opposite fabrics, as shown below.

The seams should snug up to each other and nest really nicely.

Pin so that they do not slip when you sew your scant quarter inch on either side of the line. Now open and press picking your best Quarter Square Triangle. The other one can go into your UFO pile that we all have.

I used my Quilt In A Day Trim Ruler. You can either trim it closed or open it is up to you. Just mind your lines. It is just as easy to trim up with your reg. 6.5″ ruler using the lines on the ruler.

Now we have our center! We are half way there. I hope that you have hung in there with me. I realize this is a long post. But I really like doing a proper tutorial. I like to think that it will help someone. Now the next four bits to our block will have two sections 1 and 2, this is to keep track of the fabric placement. We have two different pairings, Fabric 3 in our kit contained two different fabrics, they will each be paired with a background piece. I hope that is not confusing. They offer two ways of completing these block, one using paper piecing and the other using a Tri-Rec Ruler set.  I find that either way is just as good as the other, it really relies on your comfort level and whether or not you have the rule set. I will not be going into how to paper piece but assume you know how. (If you would like a tutorial just leave me a comment and I would be very happy to do so on a different post)

Perfect piecing!! Notice the two sets of colors. This is important to the over all look of the block.

Now if you are going to use your Tri-Rec Rulers, we will be working from the strips that we starched and set aside. These will need to trim to size first. The center is easy enough and cut from the background, using your Tri part of the ruler set, you will need 4.

You just line up the size you need and then cut it out. Not moving the strip, flip your ruler and line up the top of your ruler to the edge of the strip, cut again until you have the needed amount.  Next we need to cut out the sides using our Rec part of the ruler set.  NOTE – fabrics should be right sides together for this part.

And just like that you will have all your bits. These will be flat topped.

Now placing your side piece on top of the triangle pay attention to the placement. you should be lining it up just like it is in the photo. This is where the flat top helps with the placement. I found it easy to chain piece these. Press and trim.

We now have all our pieces and are ready to piece our rows together.  You will sew these together just as you would any 9 patch. When you press the seams you want to press in, out and then in. This way they will nest together!!


Here are my two versions! I just love how the different fabrics play and give it such a different look. I do have the second block turned so that you can see what it would look like. I think it would be fun to make a one block all over quilt. Depending on your fabric choices. I found that it looks better the higher the contrast in color and tone.

I also completed my other two BOM blocks this month. I really feel like I have accomplished a lot, getting it from cutting table to blog!

                                   The Calico Cat Block 5                                         Red and White BOM

Until Next Time………Enjoy the process!

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  1. Your blocks look really good! I’ll definitely follow your process to make mine 🙂


    1. Thank You Lori! If you have any questions along the way I am happy to help!:)


  2. Evelinde Vetter May 30, 2018 at 7:12 am

    Hi Jeti, your blocks are looking excellent and your description is brilliant ❣️


    1. Thank You so much Evelinde for your kind words. It has made my day!❣️


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