May’s One Monthly Goal


I am so happy that May is here! I love the changing of seasons! Flowers blooming, trees leafing out, the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing.

We lost our loyal dog ‘Lucky’ right before Christmas and we have felt his loss daily. The sunny spot in the situation is all the Quail, Doves, Robins, Sparrows, Chukar, Chickadees and Red-winged blackbird (there are too many to list) that are in our yard this Spring. We have a very noisy male Quail whooping in the morning. He is better then any alarm clock for sure. We have a nest that is being built next to our front door and more in our many trees. I wish I knew what the birds were thinking. Because we have returning birds that were friends with Lucky, if that is a word that applies. They used to tease him something awful… It was so fun to watch. They would swoop down just out of reach and get his attention then fly up out of reach. Perched there chirping at him. They know that he is missing. I hear them chattering back and forth, I like to think that they are sharing stories of Springs from the past. Which leads me to my first personal May goal. I would like to plant some new flowers in memory to Lucky. I would also like to rearrange some of my existing flower/garden beds. I know that this is not quilt or sewing related so with that; I would like to see how many floppy quilt tops I can quilt and bind.


Here are just a few of my stacks of tops that need to be quilted. I lost count after 100. I have not quilted much in the last six years. I cannot seem to keep up on the batting that I need. Many of these are Queen or King size. I have really only made small quilts in the last two and half years. I was challenged by a family friend, Judy, to make something small. Challenge Excepted!!😁 in spades…..😂!

My goal is to sandwich a quilt a day. Of course I will be starting out with my smallest and newest tops. I am going to have fun with this one. No pressure just success. Because even one quilt will be movement forward and that is something I look forward to. Cross my fingers- I WOULD BE SO VERY HAPPY WITH 30 QUILTS COMPLETED. I might have to double up on this goal…. see how I do. I only have a roll of batting. I still have a few scraps that I can Frankenstein together. That would be good in my Christmas Table Runners……..(from three years ago). I have been bad. I truly was about a three quilt person. I would have only 3 quilts  waiting to be quilted at a time. Time to get back to that point in my Quilting.

I have thoroughly enjoyed following so many on this month to month link up. Thank You Patty for hosting this fantastic event.

Until next time………..I am going to go play in the yard!!

3 Replies to “May’s One Monthly Goal”

  1. Happy sandwiching. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


  2. Have fun. I’m sure as you sandwich them it will be like going down memory lane.


  3. I agree–every little bit moves a project forward. You will be much more likely to start quilting when everything is sandwiched and ready to go. Good luck with your goal!


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