My Quilty Box!!

March Quilty Box

Oh I am so excited!! I have just received my very own Quilty Box  ! My youngest son has surprised me with this wonderful gift.

I have been watching my subscriptions on YouTube; go through their boxes and getting excited with each one. I would make comments like “I love that but I would not buy that for myself.” “Precuts are scary! But look how pretty they are! They make it look so easy.” “I really want that ruler!!” “It is wonderful!!”

I am a scrappy quilter, a quarter cut queen. I can buy fabric for friends and family but when it comes to myself, I sometimes just pass things up. I think all women do that way more then we realize. As wives, moms, friends, sisters, we find it easy to share and give to others……..forgetting yourselves. Well, I know I do. The thought of receiving a monthly goodie just for me….it is almost decadent. 🙂

                     Here is this months goodies:

This Month is brought to us by Annie Unrein. 5 - half yard cuts from the Bohemia Collection by Makower UK. Introduced in January 2016. Andover FabricsHere is a closer view of these beautiful fabrics!! Stash and Dash Pattern and kit; all provided . The pattern, white mesh, soft and stable, 30" zipper and an extra pull. Premium clear vinyl, and purse parts. Just Wonderful!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I can’t wait to share the results of this monthly gift with you. I would welcome any suggestions on projects!

Thank You Son!! You heard my heart and I will cherish this gift.


Until next time…………lets create, shine, and grow!

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