Out with the old……..and in with the new!!



Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of purchasing a new Pfaff  Passport 2.0. It is a classroom/backup size machine. I had a lot of fun playing with it and getting familiar with it’s functions. I went from a late 60’s model of a Sears Kenmore to this very modern little guy 🙂 as you can see above.

I used my Kenmore as my “fancy” stitching machine: which really meant a zigzag! So when I had applique or wanted to do some free motion stitching; this was the machine I used.  It has served me well for many years now and it is bitter sweet to say goodbye. On that note though I am excited to be sharing with you some of the fun things I can do now….I now have up to 70 stitches and the many variations that you can customize with stitch length and width. I also purchased a hopping foot …..so I will be playing with that as well and sharing my results.

I like the idea that if I want to, I can “grow” in machines….no where to go but up! 🙂 Pfaff offers many other machines and I am very lucky to have a local dealer here at …… Fabricpatch.net

So I would say to everyone out there who has some concern on the machine they are on. ….It really is the quilter that is the creator of things- the sewing machine is just a tool. Use what you have to it’s fullest and have fun!! My everyday sewing machine is still my Singer 301 that I received from my grandmother. It does a prefect 1/4 inch. Until next time…..keep sewing!

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