Panda-Monium Mini Quilt Pattern

I just love this free quilt mini from Fat Quarter shop. If you want to follow along with their video tutorial here is the link.

I really have been wanting to share with you my version of this pattern.

Ever since I saw this pattern come out I have been itching to make it.  I have always collected bears of all sorts but have been particularly drawn to the Panda Bears, in general. I once had a panda tattoo design drawn up long ago; that I thought one day I might have done. However, that did not happen and I am okay with that.

I always knew that I wanted to use the Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements collection for the background. The World map was perfect for this. The black and white/white and black that I settled on came from my stash. I am not sure who the designer is; as I did not have the salvage information.

I will say that I when I picked them out, I was not at all thinking about the direction of the fabric. 🙂 But I did okay. The only place I would have maybe chosen differently; would be the eyes. LOL…. that one eye. It looks like she is winking.  I thought maybe I would color in the rosette at the top of her forehead……to give it the illusion of a flower (a happy happenstance). Haven’t quite committed to that yet.

The tip of the day  is that I marked a criss-cross on the back like this……

So when I wanted to make sure the directional fabric would turn out correctly; I had a way of auditioning the piece before committing to sewing it down, only to find out that it is wrong. If you notice the background and the black fabric both are directional fabrics. I wanted to be able to read the map so it was very important to me to get it right. It only takes a little bit of extra effort and is well worth it in the end.

I hope that you like my version of this Panda-Monium Mini Quilt Pattern and that you will give it a try.

Until next time……………try a new color family, see where it takes you.

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