Pattern Testing Beauty ……

I love pattern testing! I have had the pleasure of pattern testing for some amazing Designers and I want to share with you my latest project, which is this quilt above (in its floppy stage). It is a pattern designed by Leanne Parsons, you can find her patterns on her Etsy shop and on Instagram @devotedquilter .

I chose to dig into my Asian fabrics when thinking of fabrics to use and I am so happy that I did! I forgot what wonderful fabrics I have and still love. I did not plan any further ahead other then just pull enough to match a Layer Cake. I did use yardage for the center of the squares and the outer border.  This top measures 57″ x 68″ and would easily grow in size if you so wanted to do so.

I am already thinking of making this again in another colorway. The pattern is Layer Cake friendly or Charm squares if you played with color placement. I think this would be a fun pattern to stash bust with.  I would love to see your version of this pattern if you so choose to make it! I absolutely love seeing how different a pattern will just by changing the fabrics/colors! WONDERFUL!!!

I am always open to pattern testing a pattern………or even help you read a pattern that you might understand. I have done this for many of my friends. I love helping where ever I can and in any capacity, please feel free to contact me through my CONTACT page.

I will leave you with photos of the completed Quilt. I chose to match the binding with the border, I did not want to distract from the pattern itself!

Until next time………….”Your Smile is my Golden Umbrella!”

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