Pfaff Passport 2.0

Pfaff Passport 2.0


Good Evening or maybe I should be saying Good Morning! I have been trying out my new machine tonight for the first time. I love the ‘no foot pedal needed’ option; though it took awhile for my foot to stop pushing the air….lol. I found that I was not as tired as I would have been otherwise. Hence the long evening sew-in. 🙂 I also love the new stitch choices that I have. I however, found it to be under powered when I was sewing on a binding. I also found that (my machine) has a faulty bobbin winder. It does not click out when done and it is a loose wind. So I will have that checked out immediately. Which is a bummer because I am in the middle of so many projects right now. I think it will be great at just what I use it for ….those situations where I need a zigzag or blind hem stitching. I also think it would be a great “take to the cabin or friends” when there is a get together. So YES! I am very Happy with it over all. I look forward to playing some more……..I still have to test out the hopping foot and do some free motion quilting. I also want to do a few other fancy stitches, test the button hole foot, and make a apron with piping. To really put it through its paces. 🙂

Until next time……be adventurous with your thread choices! Be BOLD!

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