Quick Update

Traveling Bee Jenn's blocks AprilTime has really gotten away from me. I have been sick off and on this whole Spring. I am now mended and feeling spunky. So I will be having a few posts here come out at a rather fast pace …my way of kinda of catching up.

Lets see what is new in my world…..I have joined a Modern Quilt Guild. We have just officially become a group MLMQG (Moses Lake Modern Quilt Guild), 12 members strong.  We are doing the Traveling Bee. I am very new to it, the Traveling Bee not modern quilting. 🙂 The above picture is the first round. I was given the Star Point Flower and I added the 8 smaller blocks around it. With a Traveling Bee we do not attach the blocks until it feels right. Unlike a Round Robin where you are attaching borders each time. I already love the freedom of doing what speaks to me. 🙂  We are on our third round so you can ride along: I will have what I’ve done in the next few blogs.

I have also, been working on the $5 Blocks, so I have to update you with photos. I have been working on a few random blocks that in the end will be my interpretation of various  modern blocks.  I have been on a road trip, and have successfully made Bread……so there are a few things to look forward to. Until next time…………………………………..Lets stay in the present and enjoy it for what it is! 🙂

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