Red Feather Project

March has been a very busy month for me and I have only just had the time to really sit down and catch up on so many things. I realize that with the changing of seasons comes the changing of my schedule. I am the most productive in the cool of Fall and the cold of Winter. I like to hibernate in my sewing room and just make, create and build!

When Daylight saving time happened on March 11th things just seem to speed up. I however, could not pass up the opportunity to help a fellow quilter in her call for Red Feather Blocks.

Hello Instagram friends! I need your help for a new charity project.
I have been inspired by the “REDress Project” which is trying to bring awareness to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis here in Canada. The red dresses are used to symbolize the Missing women and they are hung up places to draw attention. It is very haunting and sad.
Canada is always seen as this land full of nice polite people, but the way we treat our indigenous peoples is pretty shameful and seems to be our dirty little secret.
I want to make a feather quilt similar to these inspiration images with a black background and red feathers. 💖💖So now onto the help I need from you guys! I am looking for some volunteers to help me make red feathers. If you would be willing to help me with this please message me. Once I pick the pattern I am going with I will send it to you. 💖💖 When the quilt is done I will be selling or auctioning it off and all of the money will be donated to a charity (yet to be determined) which helps indigenous women in need.
Thank you in advance friends! “

Erin Stacy of Cozy Chloe Creations put a call out on her Instagram for a project near to her heart—— I could not refuse. I was so very touch by her request. I just knew that I could help in this small way. I hope that you will go and follow her journey with the Red Feather Project. I am very proud of our Quilting Community and how quilters from around the world have always stepped up to give a helping hand when asked. In the short time that I have been on Instagram, I am always inspired by so many who reach out for their favorite charity, cause, or tragedy, as their hearts speak to them. From the person who is organizing, to the makers, to those who donate their time to quilt the finished top, to those who donate funds and resources as needed. It really does speak to our humanity, to our collective! Please go to her social media and just look at all the beautiful feathers that have been sent her way.

I realize that in just this small way we can bring some awareness to a very sad and disturbing reality, MMIW affect both Canada and the United States Indigenous people. In the way a pearl begins with a grain of sand, I would like to think that it only takes a single person to bring change.

I want to share with you the blocks that I have sent to Erin as my part of bringing light to this very important cause.

Until next time……………………be Kind to your fellow human being.

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