Reuse, Re-purpose and Recycle….

I have been an advocate of this philosophy all my life. I have at ever opportunity implemented this lifestyle. Most often it has popped up in my crafting; whether for a school drive or as a Librarian: with everything in between. I came across this swap on my Instagram feed and I could not pass it up. I was so excited. 🙂 I knew right off the bat a few of the items I wanted to make.

All the items I made my partner are from recycling, repurposing, or/and the reuse of an item. They are all very usable for everyday use. Items are 1) Deluxe Pincushion made from gifted scraps and weighted with walnut shells. 2) 2 grocery bags made out of rip nylon from my grandma’s stash ….A true product of the 70’s 3) A leather checkbook cover made from a leather couch that was destined for the dump. I hired @509maker to laser engrave flowers on it just for my partner 4) quilt magazine coffee coasters….A set of four! 5) A Talenti gelato contain filled with assorted Clover clips and I made a modern cozy for it 6) I made a Stash and Dash Organizer out of a repurposed dog food bag, orange bag, turkey wrap mesh, roofing paper, burlap strap and repurposed zippers.!!! I truly love how this turned out!

Front and back of the Deluxe Pincushion

This is the Grocery Bags I made, it even has a elastic band to help with storage when not in use. I used the free pattern from Shabby Fabrics. You can click HERE for the pattern.

You can see that this leather came from a used item, there is a bit of paint on it. I think it just adds to the  charm of the process. I even made myself a checkbook cover just like my partners with one exception……It had to have Zelda on it. I put two pen holders in the center for those that use red for the register part of the checkbook. Yes, I do still find occasion to use checks in my local community.

The magazine coasters were made out of quilt magazines, I wish this was a better picture. I did this as a craft with my kids during Craft Time at the  Library. Super easy and surprisingly durable. The Container cozy can be made to fit any size of container that you might want to pretty up. I have made several and I just love how they look when you have several together.

This is a great scrap buster and gets you looking at containers differently. 🙂 It really is just that easy.

This is the pile of materials that I started with (after washing and cleaned thoroughly); having already picked out the project, making it easy to gather up recyclable items, reuse items or re-purpose items.  I am not sure which part of the process I enjoy the most: the gathering or the creating. The next set of pictures are just close ups, showing many of the special touches I added. I love this pattern. It is so versatile and easy to make. I have made many for gifts and more then a few for myself. With the three inside pockets and one outside pocket, it is easy to hold my hand projects. So everything is in one place ready for me. I also use one for my color pencils and markers.

I hope that this gives you a new look at things we throw away. That many items have life in it just waiting to be re-purposed into something useful.

Until Next……………try and look at things in a different way and how can you make it better!


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